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October 05, 2012

About Ann Douglas

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I 'm the author of 28 books, including The Mother of All Books series (a bestselling series of pregnancy and parenting books)and numerous other non-fiction books for children and adults. My essays have appeared in respected anthologies about politics and motherhoodmothering and bloggingraising a child on the autism spectrum, and raising a daughter and on the literary website LiteraryMama.

I write The Mother of All Baby Columns for The Toronto Star. I am also a contributing editor to Canadian Family magazine and a radio host and producer for Trent Radio. My shows are called Citizen Parent and This is Your Writing Life.

I am frequently featured in the print, broadcast, and online media as a parenting commentator and consultant; and I have had the opportunity to develop customized parenting materials for some of North America's most respected media companies.



I speak to groups of parents at consumer shows, education fairs, and community forums on topics ranging from preparing for parenthood to life after baby to parenting in the real world. I also design and deliver customized workshops for parents and those who work with parents and parents-to-be (doulas, childcare professionals, childcare providers, health care professionals, communications professionals).

And I speak to groups of writers about what it takes to thrive as a writer today.



I'm the mother of four kids, ages 13 through 22; and an active volunteer. 

I also spend a lot of my time working for change. The causes I am passionate about include social justice, media literacy, media concentration, freedom of the press, mass consumerism, the environment, creating an informed and engaged electorate, political reform, political accountability, and social justice. (And that's just for starters.) If you read my blog about social justice and political change, you'll get a sense of what really matters to me and why.



I am passionate about the indie-craft movement (particularly where it overlaps with activism to become craftivism: too cool!); the buy locally movement; the citizen journalism movement; the indie music and indie film movements; and the new models of book and periodical publishing that are being explored right now. I also enjoy experimenting with photography, online media, and different types of writing.

My current (active) websites include



Citizen Parent

This is Your Writing Life

Contact info:

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April 16, 2010

A is for Anthology, C is for Collaborations, P is for Projects (and Passion)....

 I recently received my copies of Kyra Anderson and Vicki Forman's amazing book Gravity Pulls You In -- a collection of essays about parenting kids on the autism spectrum. The book contains one of the most personal and passionate essays I've ever written (As Great as Trees), an essay about the difficult time leading up to my youngest child's diagnosis with Aspergers syndrome. Once we had the diagnosis, we could start stumbling towards a new normal.

This is thBlueskye fourth time I've had the opportunity to contribute to an anthology. I've discovered that I'm totally hooked. I love being part of the collaborative process that results in the birth of a multi-authored collection of writing. 

 So if you're planning an anthology and you think I might have something valuable to contribute, let me know. I'd love to do more of this type of writing. 

I'm also eager to collaborate on other projects (in a variety of media). So if you have a project that screams out for a writer who cares passionately about people and trying to do her bit to fix this imperfect world of ours, give me a shout via this link (which deliberately contains a very obvious typo in an attempt to slow down the spam-bots just a little).

March 04, 2009

Use Your Super Powers: A North House Workshop for Girls Featuring Ann Douglas

Poster for north house REV 3

Brochure page 2 REV,jpg

You can download copies of this poster to share with a friend or to post at your workplace or local library. Please note that enrollment is limited to 24 girls and the VIFs (very influential females) in their lives, so please sign up early to avoid disappointment.