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December 30, 2008

Blog Reno Season

Don't be alarmed if you drop by and it looks like the blog has been hit by the much talked about snowmaggedon. (Since snowmaggedon didn't amount to much in real life, there's always the chance it's going to wipe out the online world -- or at least temporarily bury this blog in snow.)

I'm going to give the blog a fresh new look for 2009 -- mainly because I'm running out of sidebar storage space.

This is definitely a case of blog imitating life.

October 27, 2008

Errors, Omissions, and, Please, Bring Me Up to Date on Your Life....

1sign2 First things first. I've created a parenting resources section, which contains a lot of the content which used to be housed on the old blog. This way, I could make room for a lot of new content. (See the top right-hand corner of the blog for a list of pages.) If your link was on the old blog, would you please check to see if the link is still up-to-date? If you know your link should be there (because you know I adore you), but it's not, would you please add it to the comments section of that page? That way, I can tackle all the cleanup all at once (one of the reasons I switched to TypePad: to make my blogging life a whole lot simpler).

Secondly, it's almost a year to the day since my son's Aspergers syndrome diagnosis. I'm starting to feel like my life is getting back on track. (That's just part of the story, but it's enough for you to grasp in one sentence!) I'm finally starting to reach out to the outside world again after a year of quiet reflection and a lot of thinking and learning on many, many fronts. (I'll be writing a lot about this, both on and off the blog.)

But here's my question for you. How have you been? What's new with you?

October 26, 2008

The New Home of The Mother of All Blogs

Numbertwo I've been meaning to move my original blog -- the one I launched in May 2004 -- to a new home for a couple of years. For whatever reason, I was inspired to take the plunge this weekend.

What I've decided to do is to make this blog my new parenting home base. I am going to use it to throw to my regular blog columns at Yahoo! Parenting and The Toronto Star's ParentCentral.ca. When I do that, I'm going to turn off comments here in order to encourage the conversation to take place where the blog posts are hosted rather than having the conversation take place both here and there.

I'm also going to dash off posts over here whenever the mood strikes, either to highlight a cool piece of research from the world of pregnancy and parenting or simply to let you know how my life as a parent is going. (We've got a lot of catching up to do on that front, faithful readers. But all in good time. A blog can't be rebuilt in a day.)

- Ann

The content from the old blog is going to remain at the old blog. I can't see the point of moving old posts over here. Besides they are from a different time in my life. It makes sense to make the break between "old blog" and "new blog"; "then" and "now" for more than just technical reasons. More on that as I get back up to blogging speed in the days ahead.