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April 16, 2010

A is for Anthology, C is for Collaborations, P is for Projects (and Passion)....

 I recently received my copies of Kyra Anderson and Vicki Forman's amazing book Gravity Pulls You In -- a collection of essays about parenting kids on the autism spectrum. The book contains one of the most personal and passionate essays I've ever written (As Great as Trees), an essay about the difficult time leading up to my youngest child's diagnosis with Aspergers syndrome. Once we had the diagnosis, we could start stumbling towards a new normal.

This is thBlueskye fourth time I've had the opportunity to contribute to an anthology. I've discovered that I'm totally hooked. I love being part of the collaborative process that results in the birth of a multi-authored collection of writing. 

 So if you're planning an anthology and you think I might have something valuable to contribute, let me know. I'd love to do more of this type of writing. 

I'm also eager to collaborate on other projects (in a variety of media). So if you have a project that screams out for a writer who cares passionately about people and trying to do her bit to fix this imperfect world of ours, give me a shout via this link (which deliberately contains a very obvious typo in an attempt to slow down the spam-bots just a little).

It's BabyTime Again: April 30 to May 2, 2010, International Centre, Toronto


BabyTime is back -- and for the ninth year running, I'll be part of Canada's biggest show for parents and parents-to-be. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with those parents who come back show after show (to introduce me to a baby or toddler who was a bump at an earlier show; to let me know that they're expecting again; or to ask a parenting question or two).

Once again, I'll be hanging out in the "Ask Ann" booth when I'm not speaking on the main stage or delivering workshops in the show's seminar rooms. Note: The speaking schedule should be going up any day now. I expect to be speaking once or twice each day.

This year, I'll be speaking on the following topics:

The Dirt on Discipline and Other Secrets to Successful Parenting
You swore you'd never end up with one of those kids – the kid who wriggles out of his booster seat in restaurants and steals toys from other kid
s at kids at daycare – but now that you're the parent of a toddler or preschooler, you're discovering that discipline isn't quite as easy as you thought it would be before you became a parent. In this fun and fast-paced presentation, bestselling author Ann Douglas (The Mother of All Toddler Books) shares discipline techniques that are both parent-proven and child-friendly while addressing your toughest questions about life in the toddler trenches.

Less Stress, More Fun: The Secrets of Calm and Confident Parents
We all have a friend who could be the poster mom or poster dad for parenting serenity. Nothing seems to rattle them. And as for the rest of us? We survive on adrenaline and caffeine. In this presentation, bestselling author Ann Douglas (The Mother of All Parenting Books) offers strategies for zapping stress and having more fun as a family, regardless of your schedule or budget. Her engaging mix of stories and practical strategies make this a can't-miss BabyTime event.

Exciting News! I'll Be Contributing to BAM! Radio

Just a quick post to let you know that I've been invited to become a contributor to BAM! Radio (Body and Mind: Child Radio), the largest educational radio network in the world.

Bamradio BAM! Radio focuses on all aspects of raising a healthy, happy child. The shows carried by the network are hosted by executive directors of some of the most respected educational associations in the US.

The network's contributors include authors, parent advocates, researchers, and clinical staff working in the fields of early childhood education, physical education and motor development, play research, child development, the neurosciences, and related fields.

Becoming involved with BAM! Radio will allow me to advocate on behalf of parents and children in a powerful new way and to share what I've learned about pregnancy, birth, baby, and beyond over the past 22 years. I'm very excited.

I'll let you know about my upcoming BAM! Radio appearances as soon as I get the word. Stay tuned!