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September 20, 2009

Blog Fix Finished

I hadn't realized, until today, that I needed to do a few extra things to make Google happy after I switched a few of my blogs over to one of the Typepad Advanced Templates. I noticed recently that every entry for my blog was showing up under the root URL (not too helpful if the entry in question was very old). As if anyone was going to scroll back through countless entries until they found the entry in question....

I recently followed the instructions above for One Woman. One Blog. and that took care of the problem quite nicely. (Maybe that will even solve some of the difficulties my blogs have had in showing up at Technorati.) Every once in a while I try to trouble-shoot these technical issues on my own blogs. Then I get busy again and move on.

Good thing there are technical gurus who troubleshoot these issues on my blogs at ParentCentral and Yahoo Canada Lifestyle, or you'd never be able to find anything I write....


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Help! i'm trying to get my 3year old to start sleeping on her back in order to shape her head correctly. her whole life she's slept on her tummy, never learning how to sleep on her back. i realize im really late in the head shaping time frame, but better late than never! i wish i had done this years ago! do you have any advise or suggestions? i go in her room in the middle of the night to turn her over but it only lasts for a few minutes then she turns back over...i do it a few times until she's too awakened and get frustrated at me. any advise is greatly appreciated!

I just read about your technical issues and I can certainly commiserate! TO get one bit of technology to talk to another is really difficult sometimes. I think everything is running smoothly and another little blip happens!

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