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True. You have to get a quality sleep in order to be effective all day long. Sleep deprivation could mean stress and health problems.


It is true that a clear mental thinking would result to a good sleep. I tried working for a straight 48 hours and believe me, it is not a good feeling and yes, you cannot think straight!


Did you know that mountaineers stop at the middle of the steepest mountains just to catch some zzz's? A few hours of sleep gives them much energy to go on with their expeditions.


Yikes, I think I am having problems with morally complex decision-making, as you would put it. This sleep deprivation has taken its toll on me.


Yeah, it's tough fixing other people's problem when you have your own problems to take care of. So go ahead and get a good night's sleep!!


A 4-hour night's sleep is enough to get me going the next day. My problem is "getting" into sleep. I tried everything from warm milk to reading a boring book but it was only recently that I discovered what could put me to sleep in a jiffy, Suduko. Jeez, all those numbers...


Sometimes sleeping problem's predisposing factor is stress, anxiety or depression. Then hypnotics or sedatives are given but it is best to recognize this factor before the problem becomes chronic.

Lisa Ray Turner

Sleep deprivation makes everything harder! It's a drain on individuals and the society in which we live.


That's where parents totally forget. We need sleep too! All our relationships suffer if we can't function correctly! Great blog!


Sleep is important for the body to produce hormones. In fact, it's the hormones that help us deal with stress that get produced from sleep.

Patrice Cosier

Great blog! A parent who is sleep deprived is going to be irritable and the baby will pick up on these vibrations and become fussy and cranky. Try using classic music to lull baby to sleep. Even neonatal units play lullabies to help premature babies relax.

You can get two free lullabies for your baby at www.goodnightlullaby.com


I agree, sleep is so important. When I was waking up early in the morning I was dizzy all day long. I've tried some sleep phones from Amazon and my problem was solved. Finally get a full night sleep. You should try it too...

Baby Sleep

I had 3 children between 1968 and 1972 and had no problems getting them to sleep at night. We were told to let them cry by 6 weeks old. It wasn't called the Crying Down method back then but that it was it was and it worked like a dream. My 3 are all perfectly well adjusted adults now so it harmed them not at all. They had happy rested parents to look after them and everyone was just fine!

baby carriers backpacks

I came across your article and I just wanted to say thanks for these tips.. Its true, nobody is effective when they lack sleep.. what more for our kids.. :)



Sleep is imperative to being an effective parent. We always have to stay one step ahead of our little ones.


We definitely had trouble getting sleep the first few months...until we discovered this swing that naturally swaddles and rocks the baby! I would highly recommend it: www.joolababy.com


Yes. I agree. Sleep is so important. Parent who is sleep deprived is going to be irritable and the baby will pick up on these vibrations and become fussy. :)

Keep sleep in your first priority. Your child will follow your step into bedtime soon. :)


My son is now 1month and 2 days old and I still find it difficult to get a full sleep. I consider myself lucky if I can get 2hrs of straight sleep. Ever since he was born, I've been sleeping on the couch because he refuses to lie down and sleep on the crib on his own. I didn't notice any change in my behaviour even though I don't get enough sleep. I guess I just love my baby so much. :o) My husband is an amateur photographer and during daytime when our son is asleep (such a nocturnal baby!), he would take him and place him in weird spots around the house and take pictures. It's really funny.

Matthew Curtis

Sleep is so important for both the children and the parents. My wife and i have both been there with 4 children, and i cannot stress the importance of sleep. I did put a post that i will link here on my name, on how to get them to sleep through the night. Remember babies are only good when they are sleeping. ;)


Great info. But what about baby sleep positioners...would you recommend them?


We were relatively lucky with our twin infants as far as sleeping at night went. But, naps were a completely different story - and particularly now at the age of 2, naps have virtually disappeared. Fortunately, they still sleep great at night, but we are going to try separating them (separate rooms) to see if this will help resolve the nap time problem.

'sleep positioner'

how do we know that baby is sleeping well or not ,, all babies need to rest at-lest 15 to 17 hours a day ,

Como Quedar Embarazada

that´s so true!!

thanks a lot for sharing



My little sis is also experiencing sleep problems, thank you for sharing some tips on how to overcome this.

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