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steven davies

Our toddler have problem with sleeping and I really hope your tips will help him to overcome it.


Where do I purchase these books? I don' think they have them here in our place.


Thank you for this post, it was really interesting to read.


I'm trying to get my head around leaving our nine month old to cry for more than a few minutes. It's hard! Thanks for the info.

My blog about our problems and experiences with baby is here: http://siabhmaevetalk.blogspot.com/

Maggie Tan

I've tried many methods, desperately needing something different to try with my baby.

Snoring Remedies Bakersfield

I am following these tips for my toddler who has trouble with sleep.

Jim Al-Hid

We have a problematic sleeper, and having read many books and talk to many other parents in similar situations,the one truism I have found is that every child is different. What works for some doesn't work for others. Always good to find some new techniques to see how they work. Thanks for the tips.

sleep positioner

Same with my toddler. She wake up on midnight and just play side of me. This is a good tips for us.

Insomnia help

Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds.

anti snoring device

Most often at night, we are suffering from the noise coming from the baby here in our house. And I'm glad I found your blog and was informed about the articles you been posted here. Also there are some tips on how to prevent snoring problems during the time you are supposed to sleep at night. There are devices on these common problems that most of the people encountering. I will visit your site as often as I could.

Mark Person

Really! watching your baby sleeping really can help you relax and put away stress form your work and other things. but not all parents can easily make their babies put on to sleep. some are really having a hard time on making their baby sleep. I agree with you. it seems a good advice for other parents struggling on putting their babies to sleep. if you will meet some kind of problem like this, you can refer to the older ones or search for blogs in the internet like this site http://babysleephq.com/. it really helps and really gives you a great tips on handling babies.


Hey great blog post thanks, I have been looking for resources on sleeping problems for ages as I suffer quite badly from a lack of sleep and I am unsure whether it is insomnia or something more physical like the bed itself. So thanks.

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