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The worthless $15 I've ever spent in my entire life!! The whole book could fit in one sentence - "Let your baby cry". And then other suggestions.. they look like author has no idea what he's talking about - for example - reader asks question "won't my baby hurt himself if he falls down in the crib?" answr:" no, he won't. he may fall into an awkward heap...and sleep like a puppy". My son hurt his little head several times, when he tried to stand in the crib and then failed back! Don't buy this book!

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I have to say that any advice that one can receive to help a child sleep is always welcome. It can be extremely frustrating when your child is crying and there is no way to calm him or her down.


I found there were some key items in the book which were helpful, and some that were not. The whole notion of 1-2 hours of wakefulness really helped me to recognize when my son was getting overtired.. Crying it out is not the method that I would chose to use for our child though

Ann Douglas

Thanks very much for your comment, Jessica.

It's very important that your choice of sleep-training method meshes with your parenting style. Otherwise you're going to second-guess yourself at 3 am. So you were wise to take what was valuable from this particular book and go with your gut feeling about which sleep-training method was the right choice for our family.

Other factors to consider in choosing a sleep training method for your child: your child's developmental stage, your family circumstances (how much support you have, how well you are coping with the sleep issue, how many other children you have, what other stresses in your life you may be contending with), your child's temperament, and any other issues that seem significant to you and/or your partner.

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