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Ann - having just received your book a couple of days ago, I'm a couple of chapters in, and I just wanted to say BRAVO - this is the BEST sleep book I have read (so far) - and believe me, I've read them all. Sears, Ferber, Weisbluth, No Cry Sleep Solution, etc etc etc. What I love about your book is that it is mother-centred, presents many sleep theory options and alternatives to allow the parent to make the best choice for their family, and its free of guilt for that choice. What an empowering book.

Thank you for writing this book! I'll be recommending it to all my mum friends. Well done, lady!

Ann D

Thank you so much, Shelagh. What a nice comment to find on my blog! You've inspired me to get cracking on those Sleep Book Reviews tonight (which I had intended to get cracking on this weekend). The guilt of not having them done has been killing me.

Guilt! Isn't it funny how it finds its way into so many of our thoughts and posts?

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