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November 03, 2009

Dean Del Mastro as the Patron Saint of Political Ad Spending

You would think that before Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro was invited to play the role of the Patron Saint of Political Ad Spending, someone might have posed the obvious question: is he the right man for the job?

Some folks in Peterborough Riding are shaking their heads, thinking about all those CPC-branded hockey pucks that were handed out at the United Way kickoff breakfast back in September -- and the annual Dean Del Mastro hockey tournament that is as much about scoring political points for the Conservative Party of Canada as it is about raising dollars for the United Way.

Raising funds for the United Way is a great idea, of course. But if you're doing it for the right reasons, why not leave the Conservative Party of Canada hockey jerseys in your hockey bag and invite politicians from all parties to get in the game. In this case, the reason is obvious: it's a branding opportunity for the CPC -- and you can't brand properly if there aren't any logos on parade.

And as for Del Mastro's intention to ask Sheila Fraser to investigate the sponsorship scandal? Given that Fraser has already done her job on this file -- her investigations led to the Gomery Commission -- Del Mastro comes across looking like another John Baird: a Harper wind-up toy who will carry out the will of the PM, no matter how foolish or facile.

[BTW -- Don't miss this deliciously snarky lesson in Parliamentary procedure, courtesy of Kady. I'm sure Del Mastro will be taking note of it in future.]

October 22, 2008

Art on a Plate

Taste the Arts: The Peterborough Arts Umbrella is pleased to present the seventh annual Taste the Arts fine dining fundraiser on Sunday, October 26 - 6:00 pm at the Rare Grill House (166 Brock Street).


This year's theme is the 100 Mile Meal, featuring a gourmet, five-course meal created from ingredients found within a 100 mile radius of the city.

Five of Peterborough's top chefs will prepare an epicurean feast:

This is a highly popular event and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a delectable, creative meal while supporting Peterborough's only full-service arts organization, dedicated to serving artists in Peterborough and the Kawarthas since 1984.

Proceeds from Taste the Arts support the Peterborough Arts Umbrella's annual programming costs.

Tickets are $100.00 each. An optional wine package featuring specially selected pairings is available for an additional $25.00. Call Rare Grill House at (705) 742-3737 or the Peterborough Arts Umbrella at (705) 749-3220 to reserve a place. Doors open at 5:00 pm and dinner begins at 6:00 pm.

* * *

A personal note: David Franklin was the chef who prepared the dinner for Grace United Church when Rev. Lyle Horn celebrated 25 years of ministry this past spring. It was amazing -- the event and the food. Dave's work can only be described as art on a plate. Here's a detail that still sticks in my head, many months after the fact: The salad bowls were fully edible.

Kawartha Choice:
FarmFresh Foods, locally grown. Lists local markets, retailers, and restaurants that specialize in locally grown foods; as well as places where you can buy food straight off the farm.

October 15, 2008

Peterborough: Possibility City

"I'm so disappointed in Peterborough. Now I remember why I ran away when I was 16."
- A Peterborough voter commenting on the election results, quoted in today's Peterborough Examiner.

I believe in Peterborough and its potential to become something more. This is what I think about when I think about Peterborough and its potential.

Peterborough, the ethical city; Peterborough, the just city; Peterborough, the visionary city; Peterborough, the creative city; Peterborough, the innovative city; Peterborough, the eco-city; Peterborough, the multicultural city; Peterborough, the all-ages city; Peterborough, the hate-free city; Peterborough, the bullying-free city; Peterborough, the no-one-goes-hungry city; Peterborough, the barrier-free city; Peterborough, the entrepreneurial city; Peterborough, the healthy city; Peterborough, the active city; Peterborough, the sustainable city; Peterborough, the local foodbasket city; Peterborough, the welcoming city; Peterborough, the politically engaged city; Peterborough, the public spaces city; Peterborough, the indie media city, Peterborough, possibility city.

A lot of people are working towards these various ends.

And not all progress has to come through political channels.

We can take a two-tiered approach to working for change in our communities:

1. Add your voice to the loud chorus of Canadians insisting on democratic reform now;
2. Work for change through all channels available to you as a citizen.

Don't give in to cynicism or apathy. Let frustration fuel your resolve to work for change.

June 29, 2007

A Concert in Support of Willie P. Bennett

PiggybankMy friend Jeannine Taylor over @ QuidNovis.com is one of the sponsors for this concert, so I wanted to do my bit by spreading the word about this special event. Besides, as a self-employed author, I'm all-too-aware of how financially perilous it can be to pursue a career as a self-employed anything, let alone a self-employed creative type. Sometimes you have to rely on the kindness of friends and relatives to weather the lean times in your business, whether that is at startup or during the financial hiccups that can occur during times of illness or family strife. (This is why organizations like The Writers' Union of Canada have been lobbying the Federal Government for years to allow income tax year back-averaging for creators. But I'll leave that subject for another day.) For now, find out about the concert for Willie and enjoy some great music while supporting a great cause.

How to Raise $7000 for a Homeless Shelter in a Single Weekend

I've always liked Patti Peeters' take charge style. If she thinks she can make a difference when it comes to a particular project or cause, she'll roll up her sleeves and get things done. Last weekend, for example, she raised approximately $7000 at a fundraiser and art auction that she hosted in her own backyard.

When I dropped by to purchase my tickets to the event, I snapped some photos of Patti and the mountain of donations that were taking over her house. I think the color purple may have something to do with Patti's endless energy and tell-it-like-it-is style, don't you? After all, you can't be meek and mild and wear purple. Kudos to Patti for a job well done.

Patti Peeters ~ Donations at Patti Peeters' House ~ Donation Made to Patti Peeters' "Yes, In My Backyard" Art Auction

April 11, 2007

Social Justice: The T-shirt

You've got the social justice mindset: now get the t-shirt!

Social Justice is in Everyone's Interest
Originally uploaded by Ann Douglas

This t-shirt is being sold as a fundraiser by the Peterborough Social Planning Council. I'm a member of the Board of Directors of this terrific, grassroots, community-based organization in Peterborough, Ontario, so if you'd like a t-shirt for yourself or for that hard-to-buy for family member (remember, Mother's Day and Father's Day are just around the corner), I'd be happy to take orders and fulfill them for you. Contact Florence in my office for details.

The t-shirts are available in S, M, L, XL and the copy reads "Social Justice is in Everyone's Interest. Peterborough Social Planning Council." They sell for $15 Cdn. We'll also have to charge for shipping (so that we don't lose money by helping to raise funds for the PSPC), but it doesn't cost much to mail a t-shirt -- just a few dollars.

You will, of course, look extra cool in your hometown because people will think you come from Peterborough, know someone from Peterborough, or you've vacationed in Peterborough. That alone is worth $15 (plus shipping), don't you think?

Peterborough Social Planning Council Publications

February 28, 2007

Gerard Kennedy is Coming to Peterborough


Maple Leaf Fundraiser for the
Peterborough Federal Liberal Riding Association
The Royal Gardens
Clonsilla Ave -- Tuesday, March 6 -- 7 pm
Featuring: Gerard Kennedy
StarmosaikTicket Prices:: Adults: $125;
Century Club and Chequemate: $75; Students: $25
Note: A portion of the ticket price is eligible for a tax receipt.
Tickets are available at Package Plus on Rink Street in Peterborough or by calling (705) 749-1661.

February 25, 2007

Four Free Tickets to Tonight's Acoustic Guitar Concert @ Elements

Number4I have four tickets to this intimate acoustic guitar concert and fundraiser in Peterborough tonight to give away, for free (value $160). It's from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. I was really looking forward to going with another couple, but they can't go (one of them is ill) and now we can't go (our childcare provider is ill), so if you live close enough to get to Elements Restaurant (King/Water) by 5:00 pm and you're the first person to email me, the tickets are yours, for free.

February 01, 2007

A Magical Evening of Jazz: Sponsored by the Peterborough Social Planning Council

JazzA Magical Evening of Jazz - Cabaret Style
Where: Under the Town Clock at Market Hall
With: George Grosman and Bohemian Swing
When: Friday, February 23rd at 8:00 PM
Tickets: $20.00 in advance or $22.00 at the door.

Tickets available at the following locations:

Titles Book Store – 379 George Street North
Moondance – 425 George Street North
Speak Volumes – 446 George Street North
Happenstance Books & Yarns – 44 Queen Street, Lakefield
PSPC Office – 187 Simcoe Street

Bohemian Swing plays an infectious brew of swing standards and gypsy jazz.

George has performed at two previous jazz festivals in Peterborough.

Sponsored By:
Peterborough Social Planning Council (PSPC)
187 Simcoe Street,
Peterborough, ON
K9H 2H6
(705) 743-5915