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December 30, 2009

Thinking like a CPC PR Operative: Kady's Challenge

UPDATED: ProrogueWatch: Is today really the day? - Inside Politics.

I took up Kady's challenge to think like a CPC PR operative and predict the PR key messages we might hear (to justify the decision to prorogue). Hey, it's good therapy.

I'll take you up on your "thinking like a CPC PR dude" challenge, Kady.

I predict we'll hear some of the following key messages.
- The economy is BOOMING - yes BOOMING - thanks to all the strategically invested infrastructure dollars, so the government has done its job.
- It's too soon to talk about the budget. We don't like that b-word as much as the other b-word (BOOMING).
- Canadians want to unite to enjoy the Olympics without being distracted by democracy. This country is all about hockey, not democracy. Did your dad ever get up at 5 am to drive you to parliament? Didn't think so.
- We can't really talk about that thing we were talking about a few weeks ago because it would compromise the security of the soldiers. The fact that I have to mention it at all is jeopardizing the mission. Thanks, opposition parties.

Freaky how natural that became.


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The concept could also come in handy at the Olympics, now that you mention it. Maybe Harper needs all those MPs working the Games so that events can be prorogued whenever Canadian athletes are in the lead.

I wish I could be all for proroguing Parliament (abolishing democracy) to support Canada's Olympic athletes (marketing props) so long as we can prorogue it for the NHL playoffs so that we Canadians can support the Toronto Maple Leafs to the finals.

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