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December 30, 2009

My Letter to the Governor General: Just Say No

December 30, 2009

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaƫlle Jean
Governor General of Canada
Rideau Hall,
1 Sussex Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1A 0A1

Dear Madam:

I am writing to you to urge you not to grant any request from the Prime Minister that Parliament be prorogued.

There is no justifiable reason to do so.

If Parliament is prorogued at this time, Canadians will lose a great deal of faith in the democratic process in this country. This could lead to even lower voter turnouts during elections as well as widespread political discontent, if citizens feel that their interests aren't being properly represented by their elected officials.

It could also lead to a complete loss in confidence in the office of Governor General -- a very serious situation for a parliamentary democracy.

If the Prime Minister proceeds with the request to prorogue, I would urge you to ask the opposition parties if they would be willing to step forward and govern as a coalition until an election can be held. The Prime Minister should not be rewarded for his eagerness to prorogue on a whim by the continued privilege of holding the office of Prime Minister.

Thank you for hearing my concerns as spelled out in this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Ann Douglas

cc. Betsy McGregor, Candidate, Liberal Party, Peterborough Riding
cc. Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada


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Thanks for the comments everyone. It's amazing how quickly everything happened, isn't it? (As someone else who wrote a letter noted, "The GG didn't even have a chance to read our letters.") :-)

I've been watching the reaction on Facebook and Twitter -- as well as the media's coverage of the reaction. Some members of the media have been playing catchup when it comes to capturing the actual public reaction to prorogation. There was a lot of skepticism about whether or not Canadians actually cared. Oh yeah -- they care.

Here's one of my tweets from earlier today:

Prorogation 'has hit a nerve' http://tgam.ca/GJM (via @globeandmail): Two polls prove Cdns do care. #prorogue

Bravo, Ann! We wrote a letter very similar to yours to Her Excellency last night and it is heartening to read yours. Just now I made this post on Facebook, recommending your letter and commenting on the P.M.'s 'behaviour':
His December report card should read:
"Stephen must learn how to play with others. Taking his toys to a corner and hiding under the table are not productive ways to settle disputes with his classmates. Asking Mummy to let him stay home from school for 'snow' days is also not a useful strategy for coping with his problems. We recommend social counselling for Stephen as soon as possible."

In the street interviews on the radio found in Toronto this a.m., about 40% of people said, "I don't care." which totally depressed me but since then have found some concerned citizens. We also wrote to the GG. Can't hurt, might help....Here are some people are speaking up on the pages below.


I am so upset by this...i really thought she had a better insight as to how the Canadian People feel and had idea what they wanted. Maybe she better think the role she can play for the rest of her time...and do the right thing...get on the track of the public. I must say with this latest i am very disapointed with Michelle....WOW who would have thought.....MICHELLE.....you can do all want for the northern plight...BUT what about the rest of us who want fair government for all...What are U thinking about??

Did you hear? She caved again.

Makes one wonder as to the motives.

Way to go, Ann. Once again, you are showing leadership and wonderful spirit.

I will follow your lead and write a similar letter to the GG myself.


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