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December 30, 2009

Thinking like a CPC PR Operative: Kady's Challenge

UPDATED: ProrogueWatch: Is today really the day? - Inside Politics.

I took up Kady's challenge to think like a CPC PR operative and predict the PR key messages we might hear (to justify the decision to prorogue). Hey, it's good therapy.

I'll take you up on your "thinking like a CPC PR dude" challenge, Kady.

I predict we'll hear some of the following key messages.
- The economy is BOOMING - yes BOOMING - thanks to all the strategically invested infrastructure dollars, so the government has done its job.
- It's too soon to talk about the budget. We don't like that b-word as much as the other b-word (BOOMING).
- Canadians want to unite to enjoy the Olympics without being distracted by democracy. This country is all about hockey, not democracy. Did your dad ever get up at 5 am to drive you to parliament? Didn't think so.
- We can't really talk about that thing we were talking about a few weeks ago because it would compromise the security of the soldiers. The fact that I have to mention it at all is jeopardizing the mission. Thanks, opposition parties.

Freaky how natural that became.

My Letter to the Governor General: Just Say No

December 30, 2009

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean
Governor General of Canada
Rideau Hall,
1 Sussex Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1A 0A1

Dear Madam:

I am writing to you to urge you not to grant any request from the Prime Minister that Parliament be prorogued.

There is no justifiable reason to do so.

If Parliament is prorogued at this time, Canadians will lose a great deal of faith in the democratic process in this country. This could lead to even lower voter turnouts during elections as well as widespread political discontent, if citizens feel that their interests aren't being properly represented by their elected officials.

It could also lead to a complete loss in confidence in the office of Governor General -- a very serious situation for a parliamentary democracy.

If the Prime Minister proceeds with the request to prorogue, I would urge you to ask the opposition parties if they would be willing to step forward and govern as a coalition until an election can be held. The Prime Minister should not be rewarded for his eagerness to prorogue on a whim by the continued privilege of holding the office of Prime Minister.

Thank you for hearing my concerns as spelled out in this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Ann Douglas

cc. Betsy McGregor, Candidate, Liberal Party, Peterborough Riding
cc. Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada

December 12, 2009

My Friend's Got a Bad Case of the Betrayed by Stephen Harper Blues

It's terrible when a friend is hurting.

It's even worse when that friend is hurting because she has terrible taste in men. I mean, the worst.

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Miss Ruby Jones, this video will explain who she is and why she's singing the betrayal blues. (Well, not literally. She left the singing to KISS.)

I hope 2010 will be a better year for you, Miss Ruby Jones (a.k.a. Harper Girl: the self-appointed president of the Stephen Harper Fan Club).

Canada's Most Arrogant Prime Minister

They criticized Pierre Trudeau for his arrogance. Now the Conservative Party of Canada has given Canada its most arrogant Prime Minister ever: Stephen Harper.

Ask some long-term Conservative party loyalists what they think of Pierre Trudeau and you'll get the kind of reaction you'd expect from a resident of Dog River if you were to solicit their opinion of Wollerton: spitting or the verbal equivalent.

"I simply couldn't stand the arrogance of the man."

But times have changed and the Conservative Party of Canada is now being credited for giving Canada its most arrogant Prime Minister ever. Unfortunately, it's a gift that isn't easy to return, given our current voting system.

If the events of the past week continue to roll out the way some folks are predicting and Stephen Harper's government finds itself in contempt of Parliament for refusing to release complete, unaltered copies of the detainee documents, the finger-waving Conservative Party of Canada could soon find itself before the courts.

Wouldn't that be a tough one to explain to the we're all about law-and-order party loyalists?


Toronto Star: Jim Travers: Prisoner Issue Turns Into Dangerous Test of Wills: Jim Travers highlights what's at stake.

Toronto Star: Tories Defy Document Order: A roundup of the latest developments from Susan Delacourt, Les Whittington, and Richard J. Brennan .

CBC News: Lives at Risk if Afghan Info Released: Day: See final three paragraphs of the article: "Meanwhile, Peter Tinsley, the departing chair of the Military Police Complaints Commission has taken the Harper government to task for refusing to renew his term in the middle of the Afghan detainee controversy. It is unprecedented for the government not to renew his appointment....His departure will effectively halt the commission's ability to continue the public hearings — and send a 'chill' through other quasi-judicial bodies whose heads are appointed by the government."

Impolitical: If it's December...it's that time again: Note this bit in particular: "It's highly irresponsible for federal cabinet ministers to be so vigorously attacking their political opposition like this in staged theatre. It does damage to our democracy when they do this. What is the higher purpose? None. It's a show of what the opposition's in for. The danger of having such people at the helm of our government is always evident when they pull such stunts. They're prepared to say anything to advance their political survival." See her post from today, too: No longer in the mood.

December 04, 2009

Dec. 6 @ 3 pm - 20th anniversary of Montreal Massacre (Candle Light Vigil: Peterborough)

Sunday December 6, 2009
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Kenner Collegiate High School
20th Anniversary

There will be a film interviewing a survivor of the
Montreal massacre.
Food and Refreshments following vigil
Sponsored by the Peterborough
Women’s Events Committee.
For more information
Call Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre:
Please join us for a
Candle Light Vigil
To commemorate
the 14 women murdered
December 6, 1989.