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November 08, 2009

Hey, Big Spenders: Devolin and Del Mastro Rank in Top 25 for Printing Bills

MPs spending more on flyers - Peterborough Examiner - Ontario, CA.

The print version of this story contains additional information that the online version is missing. (It's a bit odd because it's not as if you have to crop online stories to work around space constraints. But whatever.)

Here are the key facts that are missing from the online version of this story, but that residents of Haliburton-Kawartha-Lakes-Brock and Peterborough Ridings should know:
  • Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MP Barry Devolin (CPC) spent $80,460 on printing in 2008-09 (ranking him eighth among all MPs).
  • Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro (CPC) spent $70,629 (ranking him 18th among all MPs).
It's a good thing the trees used to print these flyers aren't harvested locally or our tourist operators would be none-too-happy.....


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Ed -

Perhaps you're new to the world of social media. It's considered rude (spamming) to post unrelated material to a discussion thread on a specific topic.

If we were talking about Dean Del Mastro's record in making funding announcements within the riding, this would be an appropriate post.

Do you see the difference?


first off I'm pasting a brief that was posted on the Examiner website while reading another article titled "Partisan messages OK in pamphlets: Milliken"
also see below:) Can't wait to find some time to visit the museum.

Museum receives more than $100,000
Posted By Examiner Staff
Posted 5 mins ago

MP Dean Del Mastro announced more than $100,000 in funding for the Peterborough Museum and Archives this morning.

The first $100,000 comes from the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund and an additional $7,170 comes from the Museums Assistance Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

The museum plans to use the funding to host a travelling exhibit from the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Hey Sean, pleasure going back and forth with you on this topic. As for any delay Mr. Hartford has encountered it is indeed unfortunate and indeed it is likely going to be at least a year or so I would suppose being the plant would be operational. I haven't a clue but I would suspect that would be likely.
As for the rail, any delays regarding the rail bed and a station at Summerhill certainly has nothing to do with Dean.
Anyway, I'm done with the topic and I'll make sure I take the day off work when Dean cuts the ribbon on the rail-line, even if it is in 2011 or so.
As for the battery plant, let's remember that Dean didn't make a campaign promise, Mr. HArtford just wanted to the public to know that he was building in Peterborough and not elsewhere because Dean convinced him to do so in Ptbo.
OK, we'll agree to disagree and move on.
As for the mailouts. Please try not to get so serious about the things I have to say, obviously some things posted will clearly be done with tongue firmly planted in cheek.
However, I will point out that there has been a clear reduction of the flyers since last years election, so perhaps Dean got the message. Oh and lets no forget the fact that I've received flyers from both Jack Layton and a Liberal MP.

Ed -

I have only received one mailing from Dean Del Mastro's office that could quality as information (the most recent newsletter-style mailing). And even it was more self-congratulatory than informative.

Every other mailing can either be classified as

1. party propaganda
2. attack ads against the opposition.

Many in our community have objected to these mailings. Our MP's response was to defend his right to send people mailings they don't want.

Here's what a constituent had to say during the last election about the effect of being subjected to these mailings:

"The campaign for this election began two and a half years ago when Steven Harper took office. The barrage of attack ads that we have seen since goes beyond normal mud-slinging -it is propaganda, a focused program of persuasion and manipulation. The arguments typically appeal to emotions rather than reason. Never in the history of Canada has a standing government made such efforts to minimize their political opponents....Here in Peterborough, Dean Del Mastro has conducted a similar propaganda campaign. On a biweekly basis, Mr. Del Mastro has sent out "the pamphlets." What is interesting about these flyers is that they are little more than name calling with absolutely no details or substantiation. This is a classic propaganda technique. What kind of a representative would conduct such a campaign against his constituents?"
- Alan Buchkowski, Hastings



Thank you for posting these news pieces... Both of which provide strong evidence that these election promises can't be taken seriously...

1. "Once the report is completed and released in October, Ayotte said, the work should begin in the spring or summer" The report hasn't been completed... remember, this was the same report that was originally due last spring... when will we actually see the report? Probably after the next election, to prevent voters from knowing that the rail link is never coming...

2. "In October (2008), Del Mastro said the plant could be open and operating in about 14 to 16 months." - therefore, according to Del Mastro, the battery plant would open sometime between Dec. '09 - Feb. '10.

Ed... where is this plant going to be built? This plant is supposedly opening in the next three months after all... Has the zoning been completed? When is the ground turning ceremony? Where do people apply to work for this battery plant?

Here's an idea... lets propose to build the plant in the middle of a park... Then, lets waste thousands of tax dollars on a fake referendum on whether or not it’s a good idea... stir up lots of trouble and start fights with the community... When the referendum fails and nothing happens, lets blame the opposition parties...

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