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November 03, 2009

Dean Del Mastro as the Patron Saint of Political Ad Spending

You would think that before Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro was invited to play the role of the Patron Saint of Political Ad Spending, someone might have posed the obvious question: is he the right man for the job?

Some folks in Peterborough Riding are shaking their heads, thinking about all those CPC-branded hockey pucks that were handed out at the United Way kickoff breakfast back in September -- and the annual Dean Del Mastro hockey tournament that is as much about scoring political points for the Conservative Party of Canada as it is about raising dollars for the United Way.

Raising funds for the United Way is a great idea, of course. But if you're doing it for the right reasons, why not leave the Conservative Party of Canada hockey jerseys in your hockey bag and invite politicians from all parties to get in the game. In this case, the reason is obvious: it's a branding opportunity for the CPC -- and you can't brand properly if there aren't any logos on parade.

And as for Del Mastro's intention to ask Sheila Fraser to investigate the sponsorship scandal? Given that Fraser has already done her job on this file -- her investigations led to the Gomery Commission -- Del Mastro comes across looking like another John Baird: a Harper wind-up toy who will carry out the will of the PM, no matter how foolish or facile.

[BTW -- Don't miss this deliciously snarky lesson in Parliamentary procedure, courtesy of Kady. I'm sure Del Mastro will be taking note of it in future.]


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Ok so I'd like to point out a few things for the record.
1- Dean and his staff contribute 100's of hours combined of their time to volunteer for the United Way Hockey Game! So what if others out there are jealous that he has the fortitude to do something great for the community. I'd like to point out also, the Jersey's are purchased by sponsors. So get over it. Also, please don't be the pot calling the kettle black, especially following Betsy's politicing after dinner last friday night at the Agriculture Annual Awards...disgraceful, and unappreciated by almost everyone that she talked to. Of note, she might want to actually know who's she's talking to in the future. I found it quite interesting to see her once again chatting up a gentleman for his vote and not even know he's he's associated with Dean's local association. Hmm, perhaps you didn't know that one?
2- As for making it an all party event etc.. Ummm, The CPC hold these games all over the country, with Dean being one the the MP's leading the way. Barrie, Edmonton, Ptbo just this year, funny thing is, I don't see any Liberal Mp's in the GTA reaching out like that, do you? Instead all I see are Liberals voting against the CPC Bill to allow for long tenured workers to qualify for up to 20 weeks more of EI. Imagine, the Libs voted against that last night, disgraceful! However, I'm not sure if Hedy Fry was there for the vote or not, she might have been waiting in line for her H1N1 shot, uhh, likely not, she's probabally still campaining for MP's to have a private clinic on the Hill.
3-Re: Kady's blog, meh, there is indeed a thing called Parliamentary proceedure and perhaps if people were aware of it they would know that until Del Mastro was officially signed into the committee as a member at the beginning of the meeting he couldn't procedurally propose the notice of motion.
But after 2 and a half hours of stalling by the Liberal Chair, Paul Szabo, I see that eventually he ran out of proceedural options to stall the motion from coming to the floor and thankfully as planned, the motion was presented and will be debated tomorrow, and I'm also very pleased to read in the Peterborough Examiner that it looks like the NDP will be voting in favour of the motion.
I for one, regardless of political stripe can't wait to see which Liberal ridings in Quebec the taxpayers stolen money ended up. It's been over 4 years and we still don't have any answers. Based on your comments it seems like you would not like this to go forward, if that's the case you should be ashamed that you don't want to further uncover this terrible scandle that lead to the fall of the Gov't. Just think what 43 million dollars in 2004 could have done!
Oh and while we are at at, I can remember an interview with the MP at the time, Peter Adams, and I have to say, despite our often different political differences I must say, I couldn't have had more political respect for him the day the Gomery report came out... He said something along the lines of...whoever is responsible for this should pay, no matter who you are. Wow, talk about going off the talking points! Good for you Peter.
Anyway, I'm sure you'll respond and then Wayne Mac will respond to how wonderful your response is... that's fine, I look forward to it:)
I'm also looking forward to 2010, the beginning of construction at the new airport, beginning of construction on the Rail way and the battery plant.... Peterborough really is where's it's at, if only we had something more to offer downtown on our waterfront than a big empty park and a cemetary. Maybe a nice resort or something. Oh wait, we'd rather have walking trails past a big gray building and a swamp.

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