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September 05, 2009

Del Mastro's Input Results in City of Peterborough EI Letter Changes: What Would Elizabeth May Say?

The Peterborough Examiner is reporting that City officials have "toned down their request for Employment Insurance program changes" after MP Dean Del Mastro opposed the initial City wording of the request they intended to make to the federal government.

Some of the very specific wording and suggestions that were in the initial draft of the letter had been brought forward by the Peterborough and District Labor Council.

Instead of asking for specific changes to the legislation, the city will now ask the federal government to change the EI program to “improve access and equity in order to ensure that municipal government does not bear the burden of income distribution.”

In her book Losing Confidence: Power, Politics, and the Crisis in Canadian Democracy, Elizabeth May points out how very undemocratic our government has become: how Harper micromanages the running of our country from the PMO's office.

It appears that Peterborough's MP has decided to adopt a similar style of leadership here in Peterborough Riding, taking on the task of overseeing local government. (First there was the Little Lake ballot; now Del Mastro is trying to influence the content of a letter sent from City Hall to the federal government.)

It appears, however, that his actions over the past three years (agreeing with and enforcing all Prime Ministerial edicts) have pleased the Prime Minister greatly.

Del Mastro has gone from being a rookie back-bencher to Parliamentary Secretary in just three years. He accompanied the Prime Minister on a G-8 meeting, where he had the opportunity to meet the Pope.

As for ensuring that democracy lives on in Peterborough Riding?

That's somebody else's problem.

Yours and mine, to be specific.


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