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September 21, 2009

Dear PR Firms Working on Behalf of Stephen Harper

Dear PR Firms Working on Behalf of Stephen Harper (or Friends of PR Firms Working on Behalf of Stephen Harper):

As much as I have enjoyed receiving the emails via your hotmail account, I'm going to have to request that you remove me from your mailing list.

While you obviously see yourself as providing a valuable service to bloggers (alerting us to the availability of pro-Conservative Party of Canada content on YouTube), you might be surprised to learn that most of us are capable of sourcing material on YouTube on our own. The search engine on the site is quite user-friendly.

Might I suggest an alternative focus for your firm: re-remaking your Leader's image in time for the next campaign?

After all, the Canadian public is already on to the blue sweater.

And the cowboy hat and the construction hat are getting a little tired, too.

Better come up with something fresh - and soon.

If you run out of wardrobe options, you might be faced with the task of re-casting the part of Party Leader.

And that could mean curtain time for you.

Best wishes,

Email recipient


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