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August 31, 2009

I Noticed That Link Was Missing, Even if No One Else in Canada Did....

And, frankly, I'm really ticked off that political games (specifically the Harper government's need to pretend that it has always been the government in power) prevented me from accessing a document that likely could have been useful for a project I'm working on right now.

I wanted to read the "Statement from the Minister of Health and Minister of State for Public Health - World Health Day 2005" on this page, but, as you'll see if you try to click through on that link yourself, the World Health Day page has been removed and traffic is redirected to the Health Canada home page (a home page on an entirely different website -- the one that serves up a mix of watered-down health content and political spin).

The problem with the document in question? It might have reflected positively upon the previous government.

Content be damned. It had to come down.


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