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May 26, 2009

Little Lake Petition Created to Voice Opposition to Dean Del Mastro's Ballot

We Oppose The Little Lake Development Proposal - The Petition Site.

A petitition for those who are opposed to the Little Lake Development in Peterborough, Ontario.

This is the comment I included along with my signature on the petition.

Ideally, ideas about the use of publicly-owned spaces should be generated by the citizens themselves, with public officials then asking developers to bid on the opportunity to translate the will of the people into a plan. This project has everything backwards. The project has been driven by a developer and a politician, with no real citizen input. That is why citizens are resisting. They don't feel that they have been consulted appropriately; nor do they feel that they have the information required to make an informed choice as they cast the ballots that have arrived in the mail. The ballots are also contradictory and confusing. And citizens still do not have clear answers about how many ballots in total must be received back by the MP's office in order for the results to be considered valid (as few as 1000 ballots or as many as 20 to 30 percent of the total of 90,000 ballots mailed out?), how the ballots that were rejected by the post office will be factored into those totals. All we know is that 60 percent of something will be considered a positive vote. Every day, new questions and concerns are raised via Letters to the Editor of our two local papers - and yet the vote is proceeding. Why? Why isn't time being taken to do this right? What's the rush?

If you'd like to hear what others in our community have been saying about Little Lake, see #littlelake on Twitter.


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Folks, Dean Del Mastro will change the rules as he goes along! it is becoming increasingly obvious that he is pursuing some personal agenda. He is displaying far too much interest in this as merely an MP!

Hi Andy -

Thanks very much for your comment.

Peterborough This Week is reporting that Del Mastro wants a minimum 20 to 30 percent rate (on 98,000+ ballots).

Others have heard him state publicly that he would accept a return rate of 1000 out of 98,000 ballots returned adequate (just over 1%).

I think Del Mastro needs to clarify what his criteria is.

Ideally, this would have been done before the balloting process started - but it's too late for that now.


I'm still on the fence about whether or not I want this to go ahead...but it seems like the rules were set out pretty clearly. Didn't MP extraordinaire Del Mastro say at his poorly planned press conference that he would go ahead if he got 60% of however many were returned?

Note: I just reread the article in the examiner and he said exactly that.

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