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May 27, 2009

300 sign petition against proposed Little Lake development - Peterborough Examiner - Ontario, CA

The Peterborough Examiner has just posted a story about the online petition that Jeannine Taylor has created at www.protectlittlelake.ca.

It's a fabulous article. Go read it and then pass on the link to a friend.


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Thank you both Ann and Jeannine for responses. That certainly does make a lot more sense. In fact, I shall sign this petition!

Out or curiosity, what's the course of action with the petition? Has Del Mastro contacted you guys about it...or will you send it to them when their "findings" are announced or will you send it whenever it hits 5,000 signatures? As I said earlier I moved here from Toronto to escape the concrete jungle, and I would hate to see this part of land that I try and walk through periodically turned into an extension of TO.

Hello Reg:

I am the original creator of the Petition. I did so based on the need for the no side to have a collective location to vent their opinions to the MP's ballot process. Prior to the petition being created, there was no central location for this. I would like to assure you that I am personally reviewing and editing the petition entries on a regular basis. I am deleting all non local and our of country entries myself. We do want to strive for the highest level of accountability for this survey.

Due to Privacy Laws, people have the right to NOT *display* their address. I am reviewing entries and making judgment call. I have lived here all my life and personally know a great number of the signatures on this Petition.

I think it is also prudent to point out that Mr Del Mastro's "ballot" "survey" was sent to County residents and I question why this is the case for a Municipal Planning issue!

In summery, I would venture a comparison our petition to the credibilty of his process. His ballot has been proven to have been sent to at least hundreds (Or more) past residents (students) as well as deceased persons! I can tell you for sure that each individual signing the petition is a living breathing individual who has a stake in this "development". I am also proud that a great number of them have taken the time to formulate and post a comment.

I hope this helps to allay your concerns about the
petition -and we are certainly open to further comments.

Thank you so much for your comment, Reg. I apologize for being slow in responding. I've been so busy keeping up with comments on Twitter and Facebook that I forgot to check my own blog. :-)

I'm going to invite the owner of the petition to address the concerns that you've raised directly. I do know that she has been very diligent about removing invalid responses.

Hi Ann, love your blog! My wife and I just moved to PTBO a few months ago, we weren't mailed ballots given that we weren't on the voters list but we picked them up from their office with no issues. Her and I both voted 'no' on this proposal simply because we came here from Toronto to escape the development. However, this "petition" (which seems to be lacking credibility given the abundance of anonymous/foreign signers) that was set up doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose. Isn't the purpose of a referendum, poll, survey, whatever you want to call it, that the people have a voice through their ballots? Signing a petition about something that's already been opened up to public opinion just seems a bit firivilous doesn't it? Especially given that the goal for it is only 5,000, out of a riding that has around 100,000 registered voters according to Del Mastro. Would love to hear your thoughts.

There is a factual error on Dean Del Mastro Flyer promoting his plan. The snow dump was not the Trent Severn Waterway's Crown Land in question - it was on City land and has now been moved off of Ashburnham Road altogether.

In the flyer, Dean Del Mastro states, and signed to, "The land is Federally owned and is CURRENTLY being used as the workshop and office site for the Trent Severn Waterway *as well a snow dump* during the winter months". This Federal land is not now or before used as the city's primary snow dump. I have confirmed this with the Trent Severn Waterway. This is misinformation from the MP who is in favour of his own plan. The land farther down on Ashburnham PREVIOUSLY used as a snow dump by the City of Peterborough is owned by the City of Peterborough. The MP has stated that only crown land is to be used for his plan. The snow dump has also been officially moved to another location down river and the Ashburnham site will no longer be used. This is misleading information in the pro - project flyer and ballot.

I am voting against this proposal mainly because of the huge marina planned for placement between our two, very vunerable, public beaches. I would be in favour of the canoe museum having access to Little Lake but the prestine nature of Little Lake and natural shoreline rehabiliation now on going in this area must be preserved.

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