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March 26, 2009

It's Not Like They Have Anything to Hide

Jobs are disappearing at a more rapid rate than the Harper stimulus package can create, notes budget officer Kevin Page.

But that's not even the worst of this story.

Page can't get the figures he needs from the Finance Department to analyze fully the implications of the weakened economy because the Finance Department is refusing to release key data to him.

Of course, it's not like they have anything to hide.

The Finance Department reports to the Ministry of Truth and the Department of Accountability, and so on.

Emily Berrigan Brings Dean Del Mastro up to Speed on How Government Works -- Again

It's a good thing we have Emily Berrigan living in our riding. Back in December, she was able to set the record straight about all those constitutional myths Dean Del Mastro was carrying around in his head -- and perpetuating rather loudly, via a microphone, at his "Rally for Canada." (Short version: "Opposition. Traitors. Blah, blah, blah.")

Barely three months have passed, and Berrigan is being called to save the day yet again. As she notes in a Letter to the Editor of The Peterborough Examiner published earlier this week (Del Mastro missed his Scottish lesson - Peterborough Examiner - Ontario, CA), Berrigan argues that Del Mastro learned little from his information exchange trip to Ireland and Scotland.

Re "Del Mastro part of parliamentary trip to Ireland, Scotland" (March 20)

Dean Del Mastro's recent educational trip perhaps should have been extended because there still seems to be some confusion.

Del Mastro implied that voter turnout in Scotland went down as a result of moving to a proportional system. How absurd! There is no way for the voter turnout to have gone down for the Scottish Parliament because it didn't exist until 1999, and they have always used a proportional system.

Let's turn this ridiculous notion on its head by posing a question: Why didn't Scotland choose to model Canada's winner-take-all system? The answer: Because using a system designed for two parties in a multi-party legislature doesn't make sense.

Canada hasn't learned this yet, and is a perfect example of how dysfunctional voting systems create dysfunctional governments. The Scots, on the other hand, seem to prefer to represent what voters want rather then simply seeing who can win. What a novel idea!

Fair Vote Canada - Peterborough and the Kawarthas Chapter

If the information Del Mastro brought back was this garbled, you have to wonder what twisted version of the facts about the Canadian banking system he and his travel-mate, former Dion setup man Mike Duffy, inflicted on the people of these two countries.


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