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February 17, 2009

The Globe and Mail: Dean's Train is Officially a Ghost Train

I'm pretty sure this was the funding announcement that Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro was anticipating when he assured area residents as recently as a few weeks ago that ground would be broken in 2009 for the much-talked about Toronto-Peterborough rail extension (a project that has recently earned the nickname "the ghost train" around town).

Problem is, a train that doesn't head any further east than Markham isn't going to score many points with the voters who were railroaded into voting for Del Mastro by his promise to bring the train to Peterborough.

It would appear that the ghost train has met the same unfortunate fate as the ghost battery plant. Guess that leaves the ever-optimistic voters of Peterborough Riding with just two of four Del Mastro campaign promises to pin their hopes on: the constitutional amendment regarding property rights and the resort complex for Little Lake -- both far-fetched but not officially dead yet.

Return on campaign promise investment (current stats):
2 out of 4, just four months post-election.

Rating: Not impressed. Not surprised.


GO Transit infrastructure investment details (Government of Ontario press release)

Comments @ Maclean's Magazine about potential for Montreal-Toronto high-speed rail: A couple of readers can't figure out where Peterborough would fit into the picture, except as a political-point-scoring pitstop: "Dean likes this route to Ott/Mtl because his riding is along the way." "Despite the fact I would love and use a Peterborough stop, it should go along the lakefront." "I’m a big fan of high-speed rail but when it comes to Dean Del Mastro - what a chooch(oo)!"

Metrolinx: The Big Move: Regional Transportation Plan: Peterborough is included in the long-term plans (15 to 25 year time frame). These are the immediate plans. Of course, all this has to make its way through the provincial government approval process. And anything can happen when the infrastructure fairy godmother is dropping taxpayer money from heaven.


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I find it utterly laughable to read your comments and see the spin that you see fit to publish as flat out lies.
Let me begin with the facts, today's announcement was for Go Transit, has MP Del Mastro ever mentioned who the carrier for the rail line will be? The answer is no, therefore it could be Go, Via or any other suiter to feels they want to tender an offer to be the service provider.
As for it being a "Ghost Train", that's odd that people "around town" would be saying that seeing as everyone has made it clear that the Metrolinks Implimentation Study isn't due to be finished until sometime around the end of March.
As for election promises, how on earth did Dean promise to bring the Little Lake development to town? He simply went to City Hall one night and followed up on the work that had been done over previous months, by presenting a "PROPOSAL" on behalf of the developer. So please get your facts straight or at least have the decency to report the facts as they are.
Now, onto the broken promise of the battery factory, maybe you weren't around the next day when the Eggagerator, I mean Examiner had to publish a retraction after they mistakenly printed a story that was completly wrong, and indeed the company owner is still working on bringing the factory to Peterborough. Also it should be noted that MP Del Masrto never promised he'd bring the factory here, the company owner simply stated publicly that he wanted to bring the factory here and the only reason he chose Peterborough was because MP Del Mastro convinced him to do so.
Onto property owner land rights, again, you must have missed the numberous debates, where Dean stated his own beliefs on the subject and said he would bring the issue forward in Ottawa. Where it goes from there, anyone knows. But please don't put words in his mouth.
Anyway, I'm sure you'll have all sorts comments on your reply to these comments, and we can continue the debate. Anyway, I hope to see you on the train to T.O. sometime in 2010, and oh yeah, where were your comments regarding the massive funding announcment last friday? Why don't you ask Sylvia Sutherland how she feels about the improvments to the Hunter Street Bridge, that was one of the projects she was passionate about. Or ask the people in the county who will have improved water service etc...
give kudos when kudos are due!

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