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December 29, 2008

Transportation Planning "Politicized Beyond Recognition"

TheStar.com | Columnist | Metrolinx needs power to redraw transit map.

This article by Toronto Star columnist Christopher Hume should be considered mandatory reading for all residents of Peterborough. Consider this portion in particular:

"At a conference held earlier this year, a trio of transit gurus – former TTC general manager David Gunn, University of Toronto civil engineer Richard Soberman and Trent University economist Harry Kitchen – argued that the greatest obstacle facing Metrolinx was governance, or rather, the lack thereof.

"Their point was that the current mandate isn't clear about who's in charge. Given a culture in which even large public projects, especially large public projects such as transit, are politicized beyond recognition, the need for autonomy is essential.

"....Who could forget Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's out-of-the-blue proposal in his budget last February to establish a train line between Toronto and Peterborough? Coincidentally, it would have gone through Flaherty's riding, Whitby-Oshawa. The scheme has since been dropped."


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