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December 30, 2008

Transition Towns WIKI :: Peterborough-ON-Canada / Peterborough-ON-Canada

Transition Towns WIKI :: Peterborough-ON-Canada / Peterborough-ON-Canada.

This is an important -- and very positive -- local initiative. The local group's efforts have generated both local and national media attention, mainly because Fred Irwin does such a great job of connecting the dots between the economy, the environment, and the change that has to come, starting now.

Just as an aside, I watched a fabulous documentary last week about the various approaches individuals and communities are taking to deal with such issues as peak oil, economic and environmental sustainability, and community-building -- and their successes/setbacks. The film is called Escape from Suburbia.

I rented my copy from the indie video shop Have You Seen? on Aylmer Street in Peterborough (the best video store ever, IMHO), just in case you're interested in tracking down a copy.


Transition Towns WIKI

Transition Town Lindsay: another local initiative


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The transition towns initiative is quite exciting, isn't it? I've got the Handbook and it is chock full of excellent ideas I hope to pitch to my town council one day.

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