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December 04, 2008

The Real Dean

"Immediately after Question Period this past afternoon, the NDP’s Libby Davies rose and asked that Conservative Dean Del Mastro be made to withdraw various invectives hurled in the direction of the New Democrats. Apparently Del Mastro had referred to Ms. Davies and her peers as “traitors.”  Del Mastro stood and twice, instead of apologizing, defended his slurs. His fellow Conservatives applauded him."
Macleans.ca: 'A lot of fear and anger and hatred.'

Found via Accidental Deliberations: On Political Violence

Rusty Idols: Violent Language Encourages Violent Acts

MyKawartha.com: Video of Two Rallies in Peterborough -- Dean Del Mastro Rousing the Crowd - Conservatives Confronting Coalition Supporters - Coalition Supporters Explaining Their Views (found via Maxwell's House)


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