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December 04, 2008

Pro-Coalition Rally - Peterborough - Saturday, December 6th - 11:30 am - Confederation Square

The Peterborough Federal Liberal Association

The Peterborough NDP Riding Association

The Green Party of Peterborough Association

are co-sponsoring a

Pro-Coalition Rally

11:30 AM

Saturday Morning

December 6, 2008

Confederation Park
across the street from
Peterborough City Hall,
George Street at McDonnell

Speakers will address
how the Coalition will work for Canadians,

given the loss of confidence
in the Harper government.

Please note:
There will be pro-coalition signage.
However, all three parties have agreed
that we will not be displaying party colours or logos.

Please Show Your Support - Numbers Count!

For more information, please contact:
Emily Berrigan: 705.772.8378; moeberrigan@greenparty.ca
John Nichols: 705.745.1361; jnichols@howellfleming.com
Norm Slater: 705.748.3255; nslater@capella.ca


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Good comment anndouglas. Harper is restarting his election-campaign propoganda machine because he is shitting chiclets at the fact of losing power. The fact he perrorgued parliament just for his own selfish gains and to the detriment of our country (i.e. Sets a terrible precident for our future PM's [if your gonna lose power, just shutdown parliament instead of using democracy and how it is stated in our constitution]. Not to mention if anything Major happens our parliament is disabled like a soldier that stepped on a landmine we will have great difficulty getting out of any trouble until January. Never before has a PM ran away from parliament and I think and hope Canadians are waking up to this. If you live in Alberta and you are reading this, please actually look up who you are defending and google the word coup' you fucking hicks because that isn't what is happening, what is happening is democracy in action and its a exciting thing.


Not at all! There's a lot of momentum locally and nationally. The coalition needs to use the days and weeks ahead to maximum advantage. These are exciting times -- a real opportunity. Do not lose hope, my friend. Be positive and support the coalition. Harper wants nothing more than for the majority of Canadians to give in to despair and to succumb to his propaganda campaign. This is a time to pull together with other progressive-minded Canadians and look to the future.

(Didn't you give me this pep talk right after the election?) :-)

Is this not a little late ?

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