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December 03, 2008

Deceivin' Stephen, Honest Ed, the GG, and the CBC

Askme CBC.ca is asking

If you were the Governor General, what would you do?

Here's my response:

I would give the coalition government an opportunity to have the chance to govern. It is the best alternative, given the other choices. And our system of parliamentary democracy provides for this option. (Any Canadian who is not clear about how parliamentary democracy differs from the US system of government should tune into The National every night to get the facts from the country's top constitutional experts.) [ Subscribe to podcast feed of relevant segments here. ]

Here's something else to consider. We Canadians pride ourselves on resolving things through mediation and cooperation in our daily lives. It only seems fitting that we carry this spirit right to Parliament Hill.

We need a government that understands this and that is willing to work in the best interests of all Canadians during a time of economic crisis. Prime Minister Harper has lost the faith of 62 percent of Canadians because of his insistence on putting partisan politics ahead of policy. If he had been willing to govern responsibly, we would not be in the situation where we find ourselves today. What's unfortunate is that his current campaign of political half-truths and misinformation is causing great anxiety amongst Canadians when there is no need for such anxiety.

If Harper would, for once, act like a statesman and a gentleman, this situation could be resolved quickly and painlessly and our leaders could move beyond the political crisis and start dealing with the economic crisis.

Now click through and offer your opinion, too.

One final thing, while I've got your attention.

How will history remember Harper?

Brian Mulroney got stuck with the not-very-nice moniker "Lyin' Brian." (And we'll be hearing more about him this week on The Fifth Estate. It's no wonder Harper & Company don't like the CBC much, with timing like that. Ouch.)

Do you think Harper is doomed to be stuck with a nickname like Deceivin' Stephen?

Ed Broadbent thinks so. Broadbent accused the Prime Minister of lying during an interview on CBC Radio's The Current this morning. And what an informative interview it was. Honest and straight to the point.


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In those other countries, they have proportional representation, and coalitions are not imposed against popular will through the backdoor.

Do people not realize that there are plenty of fully functioning coalition governments around the world? Germany and Netherlands are not exactly banana republics.

The right wing speaking points are all based on lies and are taking advantage of too many people's ignorance of our parliamentary system. I guess the dumbing down tactic introduced by Reagan in the US have managed to cross the border.

Glad to have found your blog! We certainly live in 'interesting times.' I'm for giving the Coalition a go as well, although I would probably settle for having Harper resign. That would still leave him in the background to pull strings though, so that's maybe not such a good idea. I hope the GG does the right thing, and doesn't let Harper cling to power via proroguing. I'm tired of Harper thinking Canada is his plaything.

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