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December 06, 2008

Don't Forget to Send a Rose to Your MP Today

The YWCA is asking us all to send a virtual rose to our MPs in order to lobby for a national action plan to address violence against women.Rosecampaign

If you wish to support the excellent work that the YWCA does throughout the year --in Peterborough and/or in your community -- you might be interested in knowing that this is the organization's tag day (an annual fundraiser).

If you didn't bump into a canvasser in person while you were out running errands this morning, no worries! You can donate to this very worthy charity in all kinds of different ways, either in Peterborough or elsewhere. (Note: I think very highly of this particular charity -- so much so that I serve on the Board of Directors for the YWCA of Peterborough, Victoria, and Haliburton.)

My MP may be quite surprised to get a rose from me -- but that's okay. Violence against women is an issue that crosses party lines. In fact, it's an issue that crosses all lines. And it can't be allowed to languish any more than it's been allowed to languish over the past three years.


If you're looking for a gift for that impossible-to-buy for friend, why not make a donation to the YWCA in her name? It's the gift that keeps on giving -- and saving lives -- year round.


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I have to admit: I'm not overly optimistic. After all, he didn't carry forward the 200 signatures gathered by the Trent Women's Centre in the fall of 2006, protesting the funding cuts and changes to the mandate of Status of Women Canada (eliminating its mandate to work towards the political equality of women). [This blog was launched after that event and the same-sex marriage debates, when Del Mastro did not do our Riding proud.]

But if we don't give him the opportunity to do the right thing (or the left thing) every now and again, we can't expect him to break free of the cocoon that traps him in his neo-conservative way of thinking.

After all -- others have shown the capacity to change. Remember this guy?



Okay. I'll go back to asking Santa for organic free-trade coffee.

Unfortunately, I suspect Mr. Del Mastro would immediately throw any of those roses in the trash, thereby honouring his Supreme Leader's attitude towards women and women's rights.

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