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December 05, 2008

Dear Parent of a Conservative Member of Parliament

Dear Parent of a Conservative Member of Parliament:

Your child is being sent home from school for the next 53 days because

  • Your child has been engaging in name-calling and bullying.
  • Your child is focusing more on the social aspects of school than on the work that needs to be done. What's more, his behaviour is disrupting other students.
  • Your child is having difficulty making his own decisions. He is easily influenced by others.
  • Your child needs to rethink his choice of friends.
  • Your child is having difficulty understanding the difference between the truth, a half-truth, and a mistruth. Please review these concepts at home.

I hope to see a marked improvement in your child's behaviour when school resumes on January 27th. If the situation does not improve, we will have to discuss other classroom arrangements at that time.


The Principal


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Thanks everyone.

LOL! Very nice Anne!

Very nicely done...

Nicely done!

No, I wrote it this morning after I got out of the shower -- and before coffee. (A creative miracle, you might say.)


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