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October 15, 2008

Yeah, Just Imagine

Elevatordoors "Imagine politicians who refuse to trash an opponent,
resist exaggerating the other person's weaknesses,
and are unwilling to dwell on his or her questionable associations.

Then envision those same candidates
never embellishing their own accomplishments,
sticking to the relevant issues of the day and
telling us what they realistically hope to achieve if elected.

Given a population expecting negative ads,
in fact often only engaging in the political process because of them,
could such politicians ever win office?"

- Jimmy Calano, Daily Camera


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I will definitely be writing about this.

As you know, my experience with Betsy's nomination campaign led to an essay in a book. That essay talked about what I learned from the inside about party politics. (I hadn't been a member of any political party until I was required to take out a Liberal Party membership in order to work on Betsy's campaign. That's one of the party rules.)

My experiences with this election were another real eye-opener. I wasn't on the inside of the campaign this time, but I was passionately involved at the citizen level. Now I want to write about why there's no such thing as an average citizen anymore; how the media affects the political message; how offensive many aspects of the political process and the political party system can be to an objective observer; etc.

We also really need to do a better job of educating all citizens about the ugly underbelly of politics so that they can think critically about what's happening behind the curtain while the wizard is working his magic in front of the camera.


It is very hard to accept defeat when someone we trust and believe in has lost an election or even a position of importance.

Personally, I am trying to evulate in an objective manner what went wrong in Peterborough.

One of the first things I am dealing with is my view of opinion polls has changed drastically !

What went wrong in this riding would be a great chapter in another book for you to write ! A chapter would not be enough you could write a book !

Sassy - I couldn't agree more. And if party politics isn't a place for people of integrity and vision who aren't willing to throw fistfuls of pigeon poop at their opponents (by proxy), what does that say about the world of party politics?

Wayne - I was out at the Person's Day breakfast this morning with my 11 year old son and that was the focus of the morning: resilience and moving on. (It helped that there was coffee.)

Politics is a nasty business ! It takes " no prisoner's " ! Now is the time for some real soul searching, rather than throwing punches at party leaders, candidates , and how campaigns are run.

The real post mortem should be , how do we move forward in a positive manner , to the next election and prevent so many of the things that went wrong in this election from being repeated ?

We had one party leader that many voters did not trust and on the other side of the spectrum we had a leader that could not connect with the voters !

Peterborough , had some excellent candidates . When you analyze the local results, did these candidates appeal or connect with the voters ? Did their party,s platform cover the issues that were important to the local voter?

We need to decide , what issues are important to us, and move these issues forward within our respective parties !

As a Liberal I am disappointed that " Social Justice " took a back seat in this campaign ! A party with a strong social conscience and platform is a winning recipe !!

As Anne , has stated lets all resolve " to continue to work for change " !

We (Canadian voters) had the opportunity to vote for people last night who have some, if not all of those qualities (May and Dion come to mind).

The results - well . . . . to say nothing of the voter turnout.

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