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October 11, 2008


The campaign has turned from tense-but-civil to downright ugly as it heads into its final days in Peterborough Riding.

Yesterday, Diane Lloyd, the Liberal candidate for Peterborough Riding who lost to Dean Del Mastro in 2006 -- and who came in third in the Liberal Party nomination race in Peterborough Riding in to Betsy McGregor in 2007 -- was making the rounds of local radio stations in the riding yesterday endorsing Dean Del Mastro. (That's Conservative Party of Canada incumbent Dean Del Mastro, you understand.)

What a difference a year-and-a-half can make. I just pulled out my notes from nomination day to see what I jotted down during Diane's speech to the 2000 Liberals who attended the convention to choose between the three candidates who were running for the nomination that day.

"Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" was playing as Diane Lloyd marched up to the podium to deliver her nomination speech. She focused on five key issues in her speech: healthcare, the environment, poverty, seniors, and education, pointing out that people were discouraged with Harper and declaring that the Liberals could do better.

Perhaps Diane Lloyd's priorities have shifted in the past year. Harper's certainly haven't, despite the narrative of personal growth that is being applied to him (see The Globe and Mail's endorsement of Harper) as well as to other Conservatives who are badly in need of political rehabilitation before Election Day. *

And as for ugliness in the other direction, I'm no fan of Dean Del Mastro's politics, but I think the nasty fax sent to an area newspaper was way over the top. That's all I'm going to say because I don't want to draw more attention to the incident than it deserves.

* This from a party that doesn't believe in the potential for rehabilitation where Young Offenders are concerned.


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Thanks for the update, Shelagh and Wayne. If no polling was done in Peterborough, we really don't have accurate information for our riding. The best information we have is that voting for Betsy is the best choice for voters who choose to go the strategic voting route. This explains why the attacks on Betsy have become more heated in the past week. The Conservatives recognize that Betsy is the one who poses the greatest threat to their campaign.

The co founder of this site confirmed yesterday that they had done no polling in Peterborough.

I heard in the last election that there was something shady about Ms. Lloyd... I don't think she carries much weight.

I can't find a contact link here, but this is a public request anyway...

For those considering a strategic vote, voteforenvironment.ca is listing the NDP as the choice here. I don't think their stats are accurate, and everyone posting on the forum agree... I hope you, Ann, can say something about that here.

All the best to you and yours for the holiday, and thank you again and again for what you do.

Could it be the classic case of an opportunist ? Something to think about ! Diane Loyd is a very smart business lady !

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