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October 09, 2008

POST-IT to Stephen Harper


I just spent a fun 15 minutes or so writing messages (e.g., "Can Culture, not Con Culture") on 15 of the 10,000 the Post-It notes wallpapering the walls at ARTSPACE.

You can do the same, whether you live in Peterborough or far away. It costs $1 per Post-It note (and there's enough space to get quite creative). How much fun does a buck generally buy you these days? Not this much fun. The activity is in support of Ordinary Canadians for the Arts, a group created to protest Harper's art funding cuts and advocate for the arts in Canada over the long-term.

About the Photo:
You, too, can send Stephen Harper a piece of this gigantic four-wall art installation made entirely of Post-It Notes -- and a piece of your mind at the same time.


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