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October 24, 2008

Setting the Health Agenda -- With A Little Help from the RCMP

The Globe and Mail carried a rather disturbing story in its health section today -- a health feature describing the role the RCMP played in helping to generate biased health research -- as opposed to reporting back on objective evidence about injection sites and the role they play in safeguarding public health.

Health reporter Andre Picard writes:

"In the waning days of the federal election campaign, there was an important development in the continuing saga surrounding Insite, Vancouver's safe-injection site. Pivot Legal Society released documents, obtained under an access-to-information request, that show the RCMP paid for research that was clearly designed to attack and undermine Insite.....Our federal government and our national police force, rather than embracing harm reduction as complementary to law enforcement, have developed a hatred for Insite that is irrational and unseemly, one that threatens and undermines public health policy to its core."

A government has to be pretty extreme in its thinking to decide that public health is worth sacrificing in order to promote its own ideological agenda.


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Thanks for writing about this story, One Woman. It is important, for several reasons, and I would have missed it if not for you.

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