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October 08, 2008

DemocraticSPACE Scam Alert: Attempt to Mislead Voters in Peterborough Riding?

Someone else has created an account at DemocraticSPACE under the same name as mine ("Ann D") and is posting pro-Conservative opinions under that name.

So if you read something written by another "Ann D" about Peterborough Riding that doesn't sound at all like something I'd say -- for example that I support the opinions about the Peterborough Riding election outcome as expressed by this Conservative blogger -- odds are it's the Conservative "Ann D" who is responsible.

I don't suppose this could be yet another attempt to mislead voters in Peterborough Riding?

Nah. It's probably just that nasty plagiarism virus that's been going around. ("Hey, I think I'll borrow that name....")

Note: I'm not sure if my blog post will ever see the light of day (technical snafus and all that), so I thought I should cut and paste what I'm talking about right here. These are the comments in response to this thread (including my comment, which is awaiting moderation. See below.

UPDATE: My letter to DemocraticSPACE: I just realized that one of the comments I submitted to this thread a few weeks ago was replaced with a comment by the other Ann D. (I was orginally comment number 2. Now the other Ann D is comment number 2. Confused yet? I think that's the whole point of this.) So... Impersonation? Hacking? I'm not sure. But I've written this letter to DemocraticSPACE to ask them to look into the matter ASAP.



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Thanks again, Greg. I really appreciate your help.

Sassy: Panic isn't quite the word I'd use. I simply needed to correct a major factual error. But I appreciate your concern.

- Ann

We've taken care of it. No worries.
Greg Morrow

Conservative "Ann D" is in a panic, a LARGE PANIC.

I have already heard back from Greg Morrow. He's investigating. Talk about speedy and professional service. I'm very impressed.

Great minds think alike. :-) I just finished doing just that. Thanks for your support, Wayne.

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