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October 02, 2008

Political Propaganda: Making the Case vs. Selling the Product

Republican/Conservative salesmanship that relies on political spin and voter manipulation and that is all about closing the sale is deeply offensive to people who care deeply about integrity and ideas -- who want progressive leaders who are moving forward in positive ways to be heard above the meaningless buzz of those who have nothing to offer.

Along that vein:

"Republican campaign strategists come from an entirely different place -- the marketplace. Their methodology is that of the salesman: the candidate as "product," and the voter as "customer." Their commanding objective is to "make the sale," by whatever means are found to be effective toward that end....

"In advance of their political campaigns, GOP "salesmen" examine comprehensively the public mind, through polling and focus groups. There they discover the "hot button" words, concepts, images and (less significantly) issues. With this information, they then target the emotions (in “the post-9/11 context,” primarily fear). motives (security and economic gain), and self-image (hard-working, free, God- fearing) of the public, all this toward the objective of
what Noam Chomsky describes as "the manufacturing of consent."

- Political Propaganda: Making the Case vs. Selling the Product


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