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October 22, 2008

Politics as Theatre

Picking up on this post from SaskBoy:

"It is not as acrimonious as people think it is on an MP-to-MP basis," he said. "Question period is a light show for the cameras. It's not really how Parliament works."
- Peterborough Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro on the lack of decorum in the House of Commons.

"Cameras. Cameras in the House of Commons. Not just on the people who are supposed to be talking, but on everyone else....This way when an MP decides to intentionally disrupt parliament by acting like an idiot the entire country can see them do it. And then maybe, just maybe the bad acting will disappear and we'll finally get a show that makes us proud." - Rick Mercer, on the merits of having cameras pointed at all MPs in the House of Commons, not just the one at centre stage.


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