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October 02, 2008

Peterborough One of the 57 Ridings That Can Change History

Changeometer Peterborough is one of the 57 ridings that can change the outcome of the upcoming election, according to The Hill-Times -- the Ottawa-based newspaper that chronicles Canadian political life:

"Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro narrowly won the riding in 2006, beating out Liberal candidate Diane Lloyd, after former Liberal MP Peter Adams, who held the riding since 1993, decided not to run again. This time Mr. Del Mastro is up against a different Liberal candidate, Betsy McGregor. Mr. Del Mastro, an auto dealer, is strongly opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage. Ms. McGregor has had an illustrious career in the realms of international institutions (she worked for the UN), the public service (Agriculture Canada and Industry Canada), and academia (she did a stint at Harvard medical school, and she currently teaches at Trent University)."


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By the way, I read your comments on my blog Ann. Thanks a bunch. I am a reticent blogger at best but I hope to be more active.

That's great news. I hope they turf his sorry ass.

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