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October 24, 2008

Imagine if Peterborough Had Its Own Indie Newsmagazine

I'm talking about a high quality newsmagazine like TheTyee.ca or one of the other equally gutsy and outspoken publications listed in the "Alternative and Indie Media Voices" sidebar on this blog.

As it stands, the two newspapers in our city are owned by major news conglomerates, both of which tend to have a fairly conservative/business bent. As much as they might like to, the editoriImg_6903al staff employed by these two newspapers can't push the social justice agenda too aggressively or they'll risk offending the people who sign their pay cheques or the people the pay the bills (the advertisers).

Perhaps some entrepreneurial journalism grad will move back to Peterborough to launch an alternative publication aimed at citizens who don't hear their views being reflected by the existing mainstream Peterborough media. Or maybe a group of citizens will band together to launch such a venture themselves. Imagine how exciting that would be.


Trent Radio: Trent Radio is an excellent example of the type of programming independent media can offer.

Campaign for Media Democracy: Media Democracy Day (which is being celebrated today and tomorrow) is a day for "anybody who is skeptical of the profit-centred agenda of the big media and wants to see their news & views presented in a fair manner that promotes broad-based democratic debate and action."


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Oh dear. I do dream of such things.

I don't have you on facebook so go check out the link I posted on my blog today. I think you might be interested.

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