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October 03, 2008

Globe and Mail, Global News Put Peterborough Riding Under the Microscope

Roy MacGregor's column in yesterday's Globe and Mail (Oct. 2) analyzed the election race in Peterborough Riding.

"They talk jobs and health care and the environment here - McGregor passionately defends the Green Shift, Del Mastro dismisses it as "a tax on fun" - but the two factors that will likely decide matters are whether people believe only Del Mastro can deliver The Train [ The Peterborough Examiner recently noted, "Despite some attempts by Tory supporters to claim otherwise, Liberal candidate Betsy McGregor never opposed the train." ] and whether Liberals can persuade voters to go strategic."

Img_6792Global News was also in Peterborough yesterday, doing a live remote TV  shoot from the Peterborough Lift Lock. The news team was greeted by a large contingent of local artists, arts patrons, and arts volunteers -- Ordinary Canadians for the Arts -- dressed in black and white and sporting neon-pink buttons designed to draw attention to the Conservative government's arts funding cuts. They were so popular that they ran out of their very chic OCFTA buttons -- apparently the must-have fashion accessory for arts galas this fall.

Ordinary Folks Don't Care About Arts: Harper
Peterborough Arts Umbrella: October Newsletter: Ordinary Canadians for the Arts launch item (October 1)


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