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October 05, 2008



This is disgusting.

Here's what Carolyn Bennett has to say on her blog about these vicious and potentially deadly acts carried out against her political supporters..

And this is what I have to say.

Political violence has no place in a democracy.

Ditto for threats, sign vandalism, and over-the-top behavior fueled by an obscene desire to win at all costs.

However, given the bullying tone that has been allowed to pass as political discourse in our House of Commons and the nature and tone of the attack ads launched against the Leader of the Official Opposition since he was democratically elected to be the leader of his party, these acts are not surprising.

All that talk was just the pre-game rumble -- a prelude to what we would happen in the campaign.


Democratic Process Under Attack in Toronto Riding of St. Paul's

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The World According to CDLU: Vandals Threaten the Lives of More Liberal Supporters

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