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October 03, 2008

Cheshire Cats and Hostile Takeovers: The Morning After the Debate

Sudden, shocking, and unexpected news! The Blogging Tories are proclaiming that Stephen Harper won the debate last night. Most progressive bloggers had expected that The Blogging Tories would provide a fact-based roundup of what leading news outlets were saying, as is their usual practice. Clearly, something has gone awry at Blogging Tories campaign headquarters. Stand by for an apology, which should be forthcoming at any moment.

In the meantime, in the interests of objective news coverage, progressive bloggers should be prepared to acknowledge Stephen Harper's stellar performances in the following categories during last night's debates:

  • Best Cheshire Cat grin (visible whenever another political party leader was speaking and Harper wanted to appear pleasant to the cameras)
  • Most creative expansion of the political debate lexicon: by bringing the language of Bay Street into the political debate by referring to the other party parties as "our competitors." (If we're playing Bay Street, perhaps the other political parties should get together, plan a merger, and launch a hostile takeover bid. All's fair in business -- or is that love, war, or politics?)


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