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October 09, 2008

Canadian Alliance of Student Associations Gives Liberal Post-Secondary Platform Highest Marks


The Liberal Party's post-secondary education platform has received the highest marks of any political party on the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) report card. The Liberal platform received top marks for its commitment to boost student aid and research dollars and reduce interest rates by CASA.

The Liberal plan also received an A- in student aid from the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). No other party received any A's from the CFS. Note: You can download a full copy of the CFS report card to see where the various parties led the class and where they need to hit the books again. The CFS intends to update the report card as (or if) the various parties introduce more student-friendly policies.

Liberal platform details:

A new Liberal government will help make post-secondary education accessible to every Canadian by boosting and simplifying existing support for students resulting in about $1,000 being sent to most students during the year.

The platform also guarantees every full-time student access to a $5,000 student loan, regardless of parental income; reduce interest rates on federal student loans; and both extend and make interest-free the grace period for loan repayment after graduation.

Support for research would also increase under a Liberal government.

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Here is a link to the CFS report card, compiled as part of their "vote education" campaign:


Thanks for the additional information, Devin. I tried to track down a link to the report card or a news release about the report card yesterday and couldn't find it. (I always try to link to the primary source when I can so that readers can do additional research on their own.) I'll see if I have more luck now.

If you are going to mention the CFS report card, you should probably mention that the Liberals received an "F" on tuition fees and on federal funding for pse.

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