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October 09, 2008

Buzz Hargrove and Other Labor Voices Rally Round Betsy McGregor in Peterborough Riding

Canadian Auto Workers president Buzz Hargrove was in town this morning to endorse local Liberal candidate Betsy McGregor and to encourage local CAW members to “vote strategically, vote smart.”

According to a report in The Peterborough Examiner, Hargrove told a group assembled at the CAW Office on Park Street in Peterborough that CAW research indicates that McGregor and the Liberals have a significant lead on the NDP in Peterborough riding.

Also backing McGregor are Peterborough CAW Local 524 president Gene Plumley; and Local 1996 at Pepsi QTG, the Quaker plant president Christian Vesnaver, and plant chair Terry Nunn, The Peterborough Examiner reported.


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Kevin Grandia , Co Founder of Vote For The environment has admitted they have done no polling in Peterborough. I doubt if there is any credibility in the above poll data !

Vote for the Environment has the Liberals and the NDP within 300 votes of one another in Peterborough Riding (poll data, Oct. 8th).

The Examiner article stated that the CAW used its own polling data so perhaps their numbers indicated that the Liberals were the stronger bet.

(As we all know, every poll produces slightly different results, depending on the population sampled and the questions asked.)

This is unfortunate since the NDP are and have been in second place in the polls so far in the campaign with the closest chance of winning against the Conservatives. If the CAW had of supported the NDP instead, then the Conservative rep. here might have been defeated. As it is now, with this CAW recommendation, the Conservative will get in again.

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