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October 02, 2008

1950s America -- or Peterborough? You be the Judge


Do you have to live in a blue-tinged house and wear a blue dress, blue shirt, or blue tie to be a Dean Del Mastro supporter? Or do you think it's possible this photo (currently featured on the front page of his website) has been digitally altered to pump up the blue?

The picture on the front page of Dean Del Mastro's campaign website may look like an image out of 1950s America -- a group of ordinary folks about to head off to a church supper together -- but this isn't America and we aren't living in the 1950s anymore.

Canadians need progressive leadership, a forward-looking vision, and Made-in-Canada solutions.


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Hi Katherine -

Thanks for taking the opportunity to drop by my blog to share your perspective. I welcome all comments and all viewpoints.

Just to be clear: I am not commenting on Dean Del Mastro as a person. He may be a lovely person. I am commenting on his record as a Member of Parliament.

I'm a very hopeful Canadian. The election that will take place in 12 days time is only the beginning of what is now a firmly-established movement of democratic renewal in this country. I see so much good in the Liberal Party, the NDP Party, the Green Party. How could I feel anything but hopeful and positive about the future of my country? It's only a matter of time before the government in power is once again in synch with Canadian values -- progressive Canadian values.

I don't go looking for nasty websites, so I couldn't tell you what is out there.

I do know that there have been some US-style attack websites launched at the national level by the CPC, including the infamous notaleader.ca (the site which the CPC launched in January 2007 -- one month after Stephane Dion became leader of the Liberal Party).

Interesting: As I type this, Dean Del Mastro has added the photo of Stephane Dion that the CPC has used to mock Dion for the past 21 months to his campaign website. See news story "St├ęphane Dion borrows desperate debate trick from Paul Martin" (Oct. 1).

I find it very strange that there is such spite in every comment that is made about our MP. From what I can tell he is a nice man, who would rather talk about a vision for our city to re-establish itself as a place to live, work and retire. He's not a bad person, and does not deserve the criticism that you place on him. Also, it shows more to your desperation as a Liberal that you are going down to deafeat on Oct 14th. I heard about this site, and when I look for any hate mongering from the Conservative Camp I saw none, so I guess it looks like Mr. Del Mastro is the true gentleman, taking the high road to victory, rathan than being spiteful and nasty!

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