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October 15, 2008

Betsy McGregor Thanks Her Team

Betsy McGregor spoke to a room packed with supporters on election night, after congratulating Conservative incumbent Dean Del Mastro on his win. She told the crowd that she had reminded Del Mastro of the importance of representing all constituents, particularly the most vulnerable Canadians. She thanked all of her campaign workers and all the people who had believed in her -- all those from other parties who had lent her their support in this election -- her family -- and many others. She told everyone how proud she was of the way the campaign team had conducted themselves, consistently conducting a campaign that was based on principles and values.


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And ditto, ditto, ditto x ten thousand to what you said about electoral reform. I heard on the CBC today that a 1.5% increase in the popular vote gave Harper an extra 19 (out of 255) seats. Uh huh.

Shelagh -

I'm feeling frustrated that Betsy is going to have to fight a post-election smear campaign in addition to the nomination campaign smear campaign. Clearly someone really wants her to exit stage left from our riding for some reason.

With regard to what you said about all the progressive candidates doing the riding proud: I had the pleasure of meeting Emily and Steve in person at Electionfest and thought they were truly awesome. I noted in a recent newspaper article that Emily is thinking of entering municipal politics in Port Hope. That's so cool. Of course, I would be thrilled to pieces if she decided to run up here instead. She would be the best thing to happen to the City of Peterborough since the first time the first time we got the train. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) :-)

Funny to meet you here, again, having just responded to your ridiculous accusations on the CBC.
I'm also a feminist, a Green who loves what Elizabeth May is doing not only for the environment but for the country, for awareness of what politics can and should be. I especially respect Elizabeth for her honestly saying she would not personally have an abortion but fully supports a woman's right to choose. Choice means choice.

Your trying to undermine the reputation of a woman who tried to make a difference in this riding is very sad, and is exactly the kind of rumour-mongering we progressives are trying to transcend. Comments about theft of election signs are addressed on the CBC post; if Betsy reported that, she was telling the truth as many of my friends in Peterborough would testify. I had the pleasure of meeting a few of Betsy's workers during the campaign; their belief in her was obvious and sincere. Her talking over-time in candidates meetings could also be attributed to her having lots to say on each question and topic and wanting to be clearly understood...Whether or not she has practiced as a VET is so completely outside the point it sounds just like one of those "tasteless personal attacks"... You're doing a bad spin job here and I suggest you give it a rest.

I also honour and appreciate the work that Emily Berrigan and Steve Sharpe did. Both were refreshingly themselves, articulate and intelligent. We need electoral reform to ensure their-- and our-- voices are heard.

Ptbo101 -

1. I don't claim to be a feminist. I am a feminist. That is because I am a strong advocate for human rights and social justice.

2. Betsy is a person of principle and I have never seen her treat anyone with disrespect. She has a lot of experience with governance and government (which are different from politics, by the way) and has a clear understanding of what is appropriate and is not appropriate from an elected official. (e.g. Transparency, accountability, openness, inclusiveness, accessibility -- these are all good things.)

3. With regard to your comments about election signs, please see post above.

4. "Not to mention that of the 4 candidates, 3 of whom are supposed to be pro choice." Is this written in the Peterborough Political Manifesto, as handed down from those who decree all political matters in the riding?

5. "only the ndp candidate will admit it, so she is hypocritical as well". Actually, she is a he.

6. Only Betsy can decide what her future will hold. She will have a number of options and opportunities coming out of this election, as she always has. I'm hoping we'll have the chance to have her run again in our riding the next time around, but only time will tell.

I find it funny that you can claim to be a feminist, and have links to sites that push for a change toward a system that enforces honesty in politicians, and yet you still support Betsy? She is the most dishonest politician we have had in peterborough in recent memory.

She ranted and raved about parties stealing signs, using illegal signs, etc etc, all without checking facts, all without proof, and all without provocation. She treated the other candidates and her own team with a complete lack of respect, never answered a single question in the debates without going over her time limit and cramming useless rhetoric into it, made tasteless personal attacks over and over, and is the only candidate that the other candidates cant stand.

She has a complete lack of class. She may have the schooling to be a vet, but she has never practiced - she went straight into politics and there she remained. Not to mention that of the 4 candidates, 3 of whom are supposed to be pro choice, only the ndp candidate will admit it, so she is hypocritical as well, unless you know any feminists that think a woman doesnt have the right to control her own body...

Frankly, as painful as it is to say, we are better off with Dean. A liberal candidate would not be a bad thing for peterborough, just not this one. Hopefully she's gone for good.

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