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October 21, 2008

She's Keeping a List, Checking It Twice....

Bb Betsy McGregor is going to keep on fighting the good fight. Here's what she told The Peterborough Examiner when they asked her if she was going to be seeking the Federal nomination for the Liberal Party the next time around:

"There is a lot of work to be done but I'm energized to help rebuild, reform and return the party to power.

"I look forward to the arrival of the train to Peterborough, the entrenchment of property rights in the constitution, the elimination of the gun registry and the battery plant," McGregor said, [listing election promises made by Conservative MP Dean] Del Mastro.

"I will continue to lead in Peterborough and help keep our MP accountable."

And speaking of The Peterborough Examiner, they ran the (second) worst possible picture of St├ęphane Dion on the front page of today's newspaper and -- to add insult to injury -- they ran it under the headline: "Dion's Day is Done." Tacky.


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Thanks for your comments, Mike. I think we're in for a very interesting year or two (depending on how long the current minority government stands).

Obviously, I have a lot of respect for Betsy, but Peterborough is fortunate to have a lot of excellent people in the Liberal Party and in other progressive parties as well.

The progressive parties have a strong incentive to renew from within and to look for their common ground as a progressive movement as a whole as we move forward.

What matters most to me is that everyone works for the betterment of Peterborough.

It's about being accessible and accountable and respectful to all citizens; about avoiding any real or perceived conflicts of interest (public perception really does matter because if people THINK politicians are not being above board, they can lose their faith in politicians and democracy, leading to greater citizen apathy); and giving the public the chance to have a voice when important issues in their community are at issue.

If that starts to fall apart, everything falls apart and democracy becomes further eroded at all levels.

Hmm, in response to the comment of Del Mastro Election Promises, I would say that I think it's courageous for an MP to fight for Property Rights when it isn't in the platform, and hope others follow suit, also, in regards the Gun Registry, I would suggest had a majority been formed the GR would be scrapped ASAP, we'll see if that is something the opposition will fight.
As for the Train, and Battery Plant, I really do hope that Ms. McGregor was sinciere in her comments, and not just playing politics, as it is well noted, the MAIN reason Mr. Hartford chose Ptbo for the site of his factory was because of MP Del Mastro. As for the train, hmm, good stuff, he got something started after 18 months that the previous MP could in 6 years of trying. I guess it pays to have influence and be respected by the people that matter.
Anyway, as for those locally who may run, I'd suggest there are some candidates who may surprise, Northcrest Councillor Bob Hall, Town Ward Councillor Dean Pappas? Who knows, maybe a second run for Brendan Moher, who is sure to have even more support next time round. I believe last time he already had to the support of Peter Adams, and local legends like Walter Johnstone, Ann Farhquson, Terry Guiel etc....and I would suppose, that other local legends like Patti Peeters and Henry Clarke, both of whom sported Del Mastro signs on their lawns are likely not going to support Ms. McGregor next time around. Who knows, it will be interesting to see how much more fractured the local Liberal is likely to get in the next little while as those in town jocky for position for the next opportunity to face MP Del Mastro, who is coming off a victory that saw him wn more votes than any other MP in the history of Peterborough, topping MP Adams total in 1993,a and before anyone decides to cite how the city population has grown since then and the numbers are perhaps not relatable, I would say that Mr. Adams didn't have oppostition in the form of almost 5000 votes going the green party way.
Anyway, thanks for letting me get my thoughts and feelings out, it's always good to play devil's advocate sometimes, it makes for a more interesting conversation, rather than just having everyone agree all the time:)

I can't imagine Diane Lloyd challenging the nomination after coming in third to Betsy AND endorsing Dean Del Mastro (the Conservative incumbent) in the recent election. You can never say never in politics, but one would think that would kind of wrap up things politically for Diane -- unless she plans to switch over to the Conservative Party of Canada at some point. With her real estate connections, she would certainly have a great deal of support if she went that route. But, of course, that job is taken for now.

The candidate who came in second, Brendan Moher, was backed by both Peter Adams and Gerard Kennedy in his initial run. If anyone is planning to challenge Betsy for the nomination, it would be him.

Given Betsy's very strong showing in this riding (as compared to other Liberal candidates in similar ridings across the country), I continue to believe that Betsy is the best candidate for our riding and that she will build on her support base over time.

Interesting, I wounder what other names may come forward ?

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