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October 20, 2008

And the Attack Ads Go On and On and On....

Impolitical made this important point:



"I believe that discussing the Conservative "not a leader" ad campaign that defined him served a useful purpose today. Reminding Canadians of the attack style ethos that has infected our politics, brought to us by the Conservative party. Dion squarely laid it out that he does not want to see what was done to him done to the next leader of the Liberal party. The tactic's been called out. So if the Conservatives go down this road again, the predictability of the campaign will undermine its effectiveness. Canadians know the drill and will have to decide whether they will reward it again the next time it hits the TV screens."

Meanwhile, at the Conservative Party of Canada website, the CPC continues to warn Canadians not to take a chance on St├ęphane Dion.

At what point will ordinary members of the Conservative Party start to feel embarrassed by their party's tactics? And at what point will Canadians begin to write to the Prime Minister to insist that he put an end to the political bullying right now?


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I totally agree with your comments ! The issues you are raising are all good but the fix is very complex !

We have both witnessed at the National level and indeed at the local level how dirty politics can be ! Should we expect more? The answer is yes ! Will we get what we expect? I hate to say it but I truly believe the answer is no ! Politics is a very competitive game .

The Conservatives trashed Dion in their attack ads, however a majority of Canadians supported them ! Why ?

It is now emerging that Dion was denied funds by his own party to launch a counter attack. This is so wrong !

I believe that Dion was doomed from the first day he became leader by " the back room boys " in his own party.

Should there be a public out cry over attack ads maybe things would change. I don't see this happening in the near future.

I am not suggesting we have to accept the current political climate as it is . We have to march on and continue " to resolve to work for change " one day at a time !

I understand the importance of moving on -- but the Conservatives need to be held accountable for the attack ads; and the political system in this country needs to be changed to prevent that kind of attack from being carried out on any other leader. Otherwise, politics in this country will remain in the sewer; Canadians will become increasingly disenchanted with the political party system; and this Parliament will simply pick up where the last Parliament left off, in terms of the ugliest partisan attacks from our MPs in the House of Commons.

I also don't know why we have to accept it as a given that politics has to be nasty and dirty. Can't we expect more from our leaders?

Look, Politics is nasty and dirty but those who choose to be involved must be prepared to move on !

I am not suggesting you have to loose your values , put you must look forward to the future and put the past behind you .

As Liberals lets move to the future !

One misguided and stupid attack acts does not equal more than two years of hammering the same message before a campaign is even called. Like Ann said, this is new low in Canadian politics and it is directly borrowed from the US Republicans.

Harper may not have started it, but he took it to a new low. There has never been a campaign of this magnitude (22 months long costing an obscene amount of money; highly personal in nature and designed to demean a person) launched against an opposition leader outside an election period.

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