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October 20, 2008

And the Attack Ads Go On and On and On....

Impolitical made this important point:



"I believe that discussing the Conservative "not a leader" ad campaign that defined him served a useful purpose today. Reminding Canadians of the attack style ethos that has infected our politics, brought to us by the Conservative party. Dion squarely laid it out that he does not want to see what was done to him done to the next leader of the Liberal party. The tactic's been called out. So if the Conservatives go down this road again, the predictability of the campaign will undermine its effectiveness. Canadians know the drill and will have to decide whether they will reward it again the next time it hits the TV screens."

Meanwhile, at the Conservative Party of Canada website, the CPC continues to warn Canadians not to take a chance on St├ęphane Dion.

At what point will ordinary members of the Conservative Party start to feel embarrassed by their party's tactics? And at what point will Canadians begin to write to the Prime Minister to insist that he put an end to the political bullying right now?


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Hi Lara -

Thanks for your comments.

I'm not sure if local candidates are allowed to have any say in which materials are mailed out on their behalf (I'm speaking here about both the postcards that have been mailed out on a regular basis during non-election times as well as election mailings), but our local MP certainly had the ability to decide whether or not to personally distribute election materials (by hand at face-to-face meetings with local citizens) and whether to participate in partisan attacks in the "Dean Writes" blog on his website. (His highly personal and partisan attacks on Dion and Ignatieff remained on the site after Dion's resignation last week. They may still be there. I haven't checked back since.

With regard to the nasty attack that was made on Dean Del Mastro: I agree that it was inappropriate, which is why I spoke out against it the moment I read about it in Peterborough This Week. When something's wrong, it's wrong, period. It doesn't matter which party the person on the receiving end of the attack belongs to.

With regard to your final point: Dion simply wanted to flag the issue as something that should not be allowed to happen to his successor. I admire him for doing so. I've been outspoken about the issue of political bullying and negative attack ads since the ads launched in early 2007. I think they are highly inappropriate and that Canadian politicians should raise the bar higher -- a whole lot higher.

In response to a few of the comments made already, one primarily about Mr. Dion being " doomed from the first day he became leader by " the back room boys " in his own party." That re-confirms a previous blog I posted about the whole firing of his inside staff and advisors by the party when elected leader.
Anyway, something that struck me however was the comment made my Wayne I believe stating....
"We have both witnessed at the National level and indeed at the local level how dirty politics can be"
Well, I do have to make comment about that, fisrtly if anone else takes notice, anything that may have been done locally was primarily the focus of mailers sent out by the party with the MP's face on it.... and I don't recall any particular pesonalization of "bashing" by any local candidates, however our MP was the victim of a smear campaign...anonymous faxes sent to media outlets, from what I read....hmm, sounds pretty fishy to me, despite where it came from...... these are poeples lives at risk and to be honest, it's part of the political landscape and people going into the public eye shouyld be ready for it. People who don't like attack ads, well, I guess they should look at the research....afterall a good attack ad, let me say it again, A GOOD attack ad, WORKS! However, no more Puffins please.
Also, if Dion wants to feel sorry for himself for being the victim of a propaganda machine, maybe he could ask Preston Manning and Stockwell Day how they learned to get over it, after they were ripped apart in the early part of the decade.

Thanks, Wayne.

And thanks for your comment, too, Beijing. I know you totally get it, too.

It is normal to feel let down ! It so important to let it go and move on !

We need decent people like you to march on and fight for change.

Do not give up the fight!!


I agree with what you're saying, Wayne. I am just so sad that someone like Dion had to go through this.

And, as you've seen over the past two years, I'm very resilient. I will feel sad for a day or two and then I'll be back to wanting to fix things and make them better, but for now I just feel really let down by a system that treats decent people like disposable items. That's just so wrong.

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