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October 06, 2008

The Great Peterborough Train Conspiracy: Now Dean Del Mastro Thinks Stéphane Dion Wants to Steal His Train

After failing to convince Peterborough voters that Betsy McGregor does not support the team (the key focus of his campaign to date), Dean Del Mastro has suddenly switched strategies. Now he is warning visitors to his website that it's not Betsy McGregor that they need to be afraid of: Stéphane Dion is the true enemy of the train. Here's how he's spinning it in one of the articles on his campaign website: *

Deandelmastrotrain_3Other politicians might allow themselves to become frazzled under such circumstances -- a train conspiracy headed by one of the bullies who has made Stephen Harper's life miserable? -- but Dean Del Mastro laughs in the face of the fierce train bandit Stéphane Dion. (Well, actually, he chuckles.) At least that's how the copy reads on his website.)


It's no laughing matter, however, that Peterborough voters have to work so hard to get straight facts from their MP. There's no Great Peterborough Train conspiracy and it's certainly not being headed up by Stéphane Dion.

Both The Peterborough Examiner and Peterborough This Week have advised Del Mastro to stop obsessing about the train (all the candidates support the train: we get that, they keep telling him), and to move on to more pressing issues in our riding: like massive job losses, an unacceptably high poverty rate, unresolved aboriginal justice issues, an environmental crisis, an economy that's getting worse by the day, and an very arts community that is fed up with his double-speak about the arts cuts, but with just a week to go in the election, he's still out there, picking fights within imaginary train bandits.

Of course, to be fair, there's a good reason why Del Mastro hasn't had much to talk about during this election. His boss hasn't released the official Conservative Party platform yet -- this despite the fact that all the advance polls will be closing in Peterborough Riding in a couple of hours' time. And because Conservative MPs get their knuckles wrapped if they veer from the Harper-approved messages, Del Mastro (quite understandably) hasn't had much to say. The boss hasn't handed him the script yet.

Are you prepared to sign up for another four years of this? Please think carefully before you mark your X at the ballot box.

* Not to be mistaken for Dean Del Mastro's constituency website, which has gone AWOL during the campaign.


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