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October 06, 2008

A Quick and Almost Pain-Free Guide to Voting in Peterborough Riding - Election 2008

Retrotypewriter Tired of having to conduct an archeological dig to get at the facts in Peterborough Riding? I've put together a quick and almost pain-free guide to the election in Peterborough Riding. You'll find it at the top of this blog on the right-hand side.

Here's a quick overview of what you'll find:

  • Roundup of election coverage about Peterborough Riding: You'll find all kinds of media links (a mix of local and national) providing election coverage about our riding.
  • Peterborough Riding Election Spin Decoder: If you only have time to read one document, read the one at the top. I wrote it to counter some of the political spin that's been making it difficult for people to distinguish between fact and fiction. How can you make an informed decision about who to vote for if you're not getting the whole story on the key issues affecting our riding?
  • Candidate links: I've included links to the websites of all three progressive candidates -- Emily Berrigan (Green Party of Canada), Betsy McGregor (Liberal Party of Canada), and Steve Sharp (NDP) and to the House of Commons profile page of Dean Del Mastro, which re-directs traffic to his campaign website. Note: I wasn't able to find a website for Elaine Couto, the Marxist-Leninist candidate who is running in our riding, so I've included a link to The Peterborough Examiner article which announced that she was running in Peterborough Riding.
  • Helpful tools: You'll find information about strategic voting (information on both the pros and cons, so you can make an informed choice). You'll also find links to online discussion boards where people from our riding are talking about the election and the future of our riding.

If you're ready to cast your vote, remember that the advance polls are open today. Consult the postcard you received in the mail for details on poll locations or call Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868 or visit www.elections.ca


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