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October 03, 2008

A Bit of Political Geekery

I was playing around with some of the feeds at Howdtheyvote.ca and I figured out a way to create a nice-looking display page on their site that pulls everything a particular MP has said in the House of Commons. (Their default page won't display correctly on my browser.)

Anyway, you simply enter this line of code in your browser bar and hit return.


Greenkeyboard As you can see, this produces results for my Member of Parliament, Dean Del Mastro:  120 speeches totalling 29,613 words.

(I obtained his id number from the end of line line of code displayed in the browser bar on his profile page.)

To obtain the same results for your Member of Parliament, you simply need to find the same three-digit number (m=___).

Plug in that number and you've got your weekend reading, if your Member of Parliament is inclined to make speeches.


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